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Maverick III Gold Trader

This is a very sharp indicator (has very low tendency to repaint and only in case of weak signals) based on the Maverick series of algorithms, algorithms based on intermarket analysis, and used in experimental EAs.  This indicator works very well on the Gold market (symbol: XAUUSD).

It seems to work on some FX pairs too, such as USDCAD, but no extensive tests have been conducted.

Other, Paid indicators and EAs, recently refined and of best perfomance are:

Premium indicator on EURUSD - predicts possible highs/lows with remarkable accuracy.


The Maverick type of algorithms is extensive and versatile and they work on intermarket analysis.

The same algorithm has been tested on various markets, in an effort to make an EA,  to this day only AUDUSD has passed the tests,  so a modified algorithm similar to USDCAD indicator is used in an AUDUSD expert advisor, it's this product here:

AUDUSD Expert Advisor


Please note brokers where this indicator works, and where the required currency pair data are available are brokers such as Hotforex, AAAFX, FXpro, and others,  all European pairs including EURCHF!  as well as USDJPY must be offered and enabled,  these brokers offer them, so if you have any issues, please test drive our indicator on a demo account one one of these brokers, or ask me to test compatibility with any other broker that you prefer.    Due to different broker time and Open-Close values,  the indicator doesn't work on ADS broker.

To make sure your broker time is correct, compare the time (left bar time) against that of other brokers,  the one that is off will stand out. And see

how the indicator appears on each broker. For me AAAFX has worked well with this indicator.

An actual EA based on this algorithm, specifically tailored for AUDUSD is this one here


An EA for Gold or other FXpairs is not possible at at moment, but AUDUSD is a good place to start.

The whole algorithm relies heavily on those pairs, especially EURCHF as data from where investor risk appetite can be measured. The algorithm takes further steps to analyze patterns between risk markets and Gold.

Making a fully automated robot for Gold is way too difficult and still under development (we know when to enter a trade, but don't know when to exit), and if you just follow buy-sell signals mechanically, it works, but 2/3 of the profit is missed. To this day, manual trading is the best we can do, and the most profitable.

For now we can only offer the indicator,  as many people are looking for a serious way to trade the markets from home.  However,  it takes previous trading experience, because even this indicator only tells you Underlying Gold Price Direction,  the market can move against you for before going your way,  and newbies cannot handle the stress.  I advise  that only experienced traders can use this indicator,  and do so profitably on large accounts,  such as $5000 plus accounts.

Finally I do use the indicator myself on the H1 chart,  and do pay some attention to the daily chart as well.

This indicator will be on low price rental offer (1/3 the normal price) for now and for about 6 more months.

All in all, it trades quite accurately,  it very rarely repaints,  for days on end it doesn't repaint,  and even if you close out losing trades prematurely, it still offers a very flexible way to make back losses on the next bar. In reality,  the market does move against you by 2-3 dollars, then finally goes in the direction of the indicator. It is wise to trade 2 half size lots, rather than a single size one, it's much more profitable this way.

We are not sure what the best trade size /acc size should be for this strategy but experience has proven that small accounts of $500 or less cannot

grow, and are not worth trading.  Serious and fast profits were proven on bigger accounts, of at least few $1000s large. While day trading times are not clear, our own trading was very profitable, and it was doen during the London session, but that's just our experience not the rule.

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Version 2.0 2020.04.10
Improved code structure.