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DF TradeBoard

An extremely useful helping tool for all traders! No more need those annoying scrollings on the terminal window if you want to see your trades.

This indicator displays all of your open and pending orders in a clean and practical view. You can get the overall status of your trades at a glance.

The followings are displayed:

  • The name of the instrument
  • The direction of the trade (buy, sell and pending orders)
  • Profit or loss in pips
  • Profit or loss in currency (currency of your account)
  • Size of lots
  • Elapsed time since order opening (in minutes or hours or days)
  • Current status of the trade in visual way (Best/Worst% - extremely useful!)
  • Maximal profit or loss in pips (mPP/mLP)
  • Distance from Takeprofit or Stoploss in pips 
  • Summary (number of trades, pips, profit and lots)


  • Orders can be selected based on its magic number
  • Values are with or without commission and swap
  • Adjustable warning limit for profit and loss
  • Shows all of account informations
  • Dynamic display of changes
  • Spectacular visualization
  • Works with all of MetaTrader 4 instruments 
  • Fully resizable!
  • Font settings
  • Color settings
  • Position settings

About Best/Worst%: For example the current profit is $70 and you can see 7 green squares (i.e. 70%). It means that profit was $100 earlier, but now it is at 70% of its best status. Look at the pictures for details!

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