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Rua TrailingStop BreakEven

This is an EA not used to enter the order that helps you save profits by:
- Trailingstop: Move stoploss continuously.
- Breakeven: Move the stoploss once.
Custom parameters:
All OrderOpenTime:
    + true: acts on all order
    + false: only affect the order opened since EA run
All OrderType:
    + true: acts on all order.
    + false: only the order is running (Buy, Sell)
TraillingStop: true (Use), false (do not use)
    TrailingStop Save (Point)
    TraililngStop Distance (Point)
BreakEven: true (Use), false (do not use)
    BreakEven Save (Point)

    BreakEven Distance (Point)

A product of RuaCoder

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Version 1.10 2020.04.01
UpDate for account real