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Traffic Pulse


Expert adviser Traffic Pulse - Stable,secure and 100% fully automatic hybrid scalper trading robot - This is a night scalper trading a couple of hours at night. With it's hybrid signal system, market entry's accomplished with quite high precision. Small profit targets each time is the goal for success. Trade with complete virtual order management or the classic way with broker stored levels. In virtual mode an open orders is always protected by a hard stop just in case of a server connection loss. Dashboard complete with all necessary details about your account, symbol information and much more. Adviser do not use any kind of dangerous trading techniques and orders always protected by stop loss. 


  • Use ECN account, stop level 0 required and low spread
  • Recommended to use a stable low latency vps
  • Works with any leverage. Based on a leverage of 1:500 minimum deposit can be $200 but it's recommended to start with at least $1000. Make sure to check and establish your margin requirements for the traded account.
  • Apply default settings to currency pair EurUsd M15


    • Automatic trade time server GMT offset - Never worry about setting wrong server GMT offset trading times
    • Automatic magic number set - Never hassle with magic numbers, it's set automatic and becomes static for traded symbol and stored in the advisers magic # pool base. It's possible to define your own magic number if you wish to do that.
    • Order execution modes - Completely virtual or the classic way with broker stored levels
    • Order open time secure - This feature makes sure an order won't be open unnecessarily if not needed. Profit calculations make sure even if target not hit the order will close by timer as long as it has achieved a minimum profit status to be confirmed for order secure closing.
    • Weekday manager - Manage all five weekdays, which to trade or not.
    • Fully color adjustable dashboard - Change colors of name,variables and background
    • Powerful 3 in 1 risk assessment system - Trade with fixed lots size, dynamic position risk percentage or by dynamic equity risk percentage.
    • Order swap charge controller - At Wednesday night swap fees are charged at triple rate the usual rate and you have the ability to choose which trade direction adviser should take at this time to avoid getting charged negative. Applies also to Friday trades (if adviser allowed to trade on Fridays) an order could be left open during weekend and it's important to get a positive swap charge even here. Make sure to check the traded symbol specification in order to get information of which direction has positive swap charge.
    • In virtual mode hard stop is set automatically 1.5 pips / 15 points away from initial stop loss.

    Adviser settings

    • Weekday manager - Advisers start time and manage weekdays Sun to Fri which one adviser should trade or not. Sunday used with brokers having Sunday candles.
    • Risk assessment - 3 in 1 system that allows you to use either Fixed lots, dynamic positions risk percentage or dynamic equity risk percentage. The most powerful of these three is equity risk percentage.
    • Write journal - Prints out all adviser events to your terminal experts log
    • Virtual mode - Adviser operates in complete virtual environment
    • Dynamic levels - ATR calculated stop loss and profit targets
    • Use direction type with positive swap charge Wed/Fri - By using this adviser make sure that orders executed on Wednesday and Friday get a positive swap charge.
    • Positive swap charge order type direction Wed/Fri - Chose which order direction should be used these days
    • Max traded spread - Advisers max allowed spread for order execution
    • Slippage - Max order slippage
    • Auto magic - 0=automatic magic set or you can define your own
    • Order string comment short - Sets a string comment to short/sell orders
    • Order string comment long - Sets a string comment to long/buy orders
    • Target pips - Sets profit target in pips adviser should achieve
    • Stop loss - Sets the order stop loss in pips
    • Dynamic levels - ATR tf,ATR period,ATR stop loss factor multiplier,ATR profit target factor multiplier
    • Trade secure in minutes - Secure and close order by timer from order open time
    • Chart mark trade secure close color - This marks the secured closed order on chart with selected color
    • Dashboard settings - Change colors of names,variables and background

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