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A small decoration for MT4. Lettering in the background. Shows the currency pair and time interval. There can be a number of settings for changing the color, size, location, and time interval. Promark Settings:  TURN_OFF - enable / disable decoration;   Show Period-enable / disable the time interval;  MyChartX-x-axis location;  MyChartY-location on the Y axis;   My Corner-location at the corners of the chart;   My Font Size is the size of the jewelry; Enjoy your use. Leave f
The Sniper Expert Advisor is a semi–automatic expert whose main task is to open trades according to the trader's strategy using the so-called "Safe" rule as well as an overclocking position, which is used in combination with the failed "Safe" rule. It is worth noting that the expert does not analyze the market according to the sniper strategy , but is an ordinary assistant for the implementation of a popular approach to money management. It is also worth noting that the Expert Advisor works
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To the first 5 buyers for --> $45.99; Gorilla Channel VZ is a channel indicator modified on the basis of long–term observations. The signal trading indicator can be used both as an indicator displaying a trend channel and as one of the input signal sources, subject to additional filtering. With the right approach, at least 80% of successful transactions. Main features of Gorilla Channel VZ: Analytical functions It can be used on any currency pairs and time frames; The indicator does not red
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First 5 buyers for --> $45.99; Panda Oscillator is a new author's indicator designed for scalping. An indicator that gives signals based on the readings of a whole range of standard and proprietary tools. Main Features of Panda Oscillator: Analytical functions It can be used on any currency pairs and time frames; The indicator does not redraw; It is a great addition to other indicators; Graphical capabilities Occupies the minimum number of places on the chart; Flexible tinctures; Easy
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To the first 5 buyers for --> $45.99; The Cat Trend VZ is a constantly improving indicator with accurate and profitable entry signals. The Cat Trend VZ indicator line changes color depending on the trend direction, and the indicator draws arrows at the price reversal points. In addition, The Cat Trend VZ indicator implements a sound and text alert about the appearance of an arrow. IMPORTANT: THE INDICATOR DOES NOT REDRAW. Main features of The Cat Trend VZ: Analytical functions
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