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Tick Delta

The formation of the price scale, which is familiar to us, takes place tick by tick. In a normal tick volume indicator, we do not know the separate number of changes in Ask and Bid prices.

This tick volume Delta indicator displays the number of ticks separately for the Ask price and Bid price, which allows you to see the current situation more deeply.

In a separate sub-window, a histogram of the Delta of the Ask and Bid tick volumes is built.

Input settings:

Depth Of Drawing - this parameter specifies how deep the histogram will be drawn, i.e. the number of bars. The higher this value, the more system memory the indicator will take up.

Font Size - the font size of the text part of the indicator.
Ask Color - the color of the histogram lines and the text label of the Ask value.
Bid Color - the color of the histogram lines and the Bid value text label.
Delta Color - the color of the Delta text label (Ask - Bid Difference) of the value.
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