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Correlation table

This indicator is fully user-adjustable, calculates corellation between all symbols, which you want.

Indicator is real-time updated and fully automated. 

You can adjust a lot of parameters.

Calculation Parameters

  • calculated symbols: write all symbol, which you want to calculate, just separate them by comma
  • calculated bars: amount of bars from which will be calculated
  • calculated symbol period: time period of calculation, e.g.: 0 (ACTUAL), 1 (M1), 5 (M5), 15 (M15) etc.
  • used price: used price - 0 (CLOSE), 1 (OPEN), 2 (HIGH), 3 (LOW), 4 (MEDIAN), 5 (TYPICAL), 6 (WEIGHTENED)

Font and Position Parameters

  • corner: default is 1 (top right corner)
  • xWidth: width between text
  • yWidth: height between text
  • fontFamily: default Arial
  • fontSize: size of text

Color Parameters

  • xAxisColor, yAxisColor: color of axis
  • posCorrel: number of user-defined positive correlation (equal and higher)
  • posCorrelColor: color of correlation's numbers, which belongs to "posCorrel"
  • negCorrel: number of user-defined negative correlation (equal and lower)
  • negCorrelColor: color of correlation's numbers, which belongs to "negCorrel"
  • correlColor: color of rest of numbers
daniboy92 2016.10.14 13:56 

I love it, it's perfect and very usefull. You can attach any currency/CFD/active you want and compare and see what kind of correlation they have. Please, fix the error when you change the TF the indicator remove himself from the chart and it leaves a unuseful 'LABEL' in the chart and you need to attach indicator again.

Me encanta, es perfecto y muy útil. Puedes añadir cualquier divisa/CFD,activo que quieras y comprar y ver que grado de correlación tienen.