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The adviser uses a short-term price coordinate forecasting system based on the calculation of price consolidation zones within the technical analysis figures.

The adviser is completely ready for autonomous work.
Used VPS is recommended.

Advisor does not use dangerous trading methods.

Each position of the adviser is protected by stop loss. Profit control is provided by a unique system of fixing points depending on the ratio of losing trades to profitable ones. This allows you to achieve a positive ratio of profit and loss, allowing the line of balance to smoothly go up.


  • Max Risk - Percentage of risk for calculating a trading lot;
  • If MaxRisk = 0, lot will be - If Max Risk = 0, the lot will be like this;
  • Max Lot - You can limit the maximum lot;
  • Candle TF - Timeframe for the filter (the filter is OHLC candles);
  • Candle number - number of the filter candle;
  • Comment to orders - Comment on orders;
  • Take Profit - Take Profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss;
  • Trailing Stop - Points when the trailing stop is turned on;
  • Trailing Step - step of the trailing stop;
  • Volatility coefficient - Volatility coefficient of a trading instrument;
  • Slip - Maximum level of slippage;
  • Max trades - The maximum number of positions;
  • Max spread - the maximum spread;
  • Magic number - Magic number to distinguish your orders from strangers;
  • Show logo? - Show logo?
ommen001 Jack
ommen001 Jack 2020.02.28 17:56 

Not happy with this advisor! After using the default settings it almost blew up my whole account with only using 2 pairs 5%! After 1 week only losses with minimum settings and no solution from the developer how to solve it.. Watch out!!!

Georg Lasky
Georg Lasky 2020.02.26 17:13 

Installed an adviser on the recommendation of the author. Default settings. I just made 0.01 (as the author advised, for starters). Advisor works profitably. Everything suits me. There are no discrepancies with the strategy tester. Take profit and stop loss work in an ideal ratio. This allows the deposit to increase. Today increased the trading lot. All is well.

Version 2.1 2020.02.28
Added new functionality - advisor working time
Version 2.0 2020.02.27
Increased Efficiency and Performance
Version 1.1 2020.02.14
Significant improvement in performance.