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Advisor for hedging trading or pair trading.

A convenient panel allows you to open positions on the necessary trading instruments and lots.

Automatically determines the type of trading account - netting or hedging.

Advisor can close all its positions upon reaching profit or loss (determined in the settings).

A negative value is required to control losses (for example, -100, -500, etc.). If the corresponding fields are 0, the EA will not use this function.

To understand the work, watch the video: https://youtu.be/gMFxtnuVsCI


  • Close profit (if 0 here, then it doesn’t work) - All positions will be closed when this profit level is reached (if 0 - does not work);
  • Close a loss (if 0 here, then it doesn’t work) - The loss closes (if 0 - does not work);
  • Magic - Magic number;
  • Slip - level of slippage;
  • Comment - Comment on the positions.

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