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EuroSmart Ultimate

Eurosmart Ultimate is a smart indicator of detecting trends,  contains 3 intelligences. .1 intelligence detects trends, 2. filter trend on the indicator can function to eliminate false signals, 3. indicator supply and demand for exit signal. This indicator allows you to open trading easily and accurately. all indicator features are easy to use and easy to understand.


  • Trend Alert = Send alert to buy signal, sell signal, and exit signal
  • Send email = Send email alert to buy signal, sell signal, and exit signal
  • Trend Filter= indicator values ​​to filter market trends
  • period supplaydemand = value of supplay and demand indicator
  • Automatic CandleSize = the size of the candle automatically
  • Manual CandleSize = the size of the candle manually.
  • BUY_Color = color for buy signals
  • Exit_Buy_Color =color for Exit Buy signals
  • SELL_Color =color for Sell signals
  • Exit_Sell_Color =color for Exit Sell signals
  • Supplay color = color for supplay zone
  • Demand color = color for demand zone

Trading Rule:

  • Open BUY : if candle color :lime (previous candle: Teal) and filter color : green
  • Exit BUY : if candle color: red and filter color: Red
  • Open SELL : if candle color : red (previous candle: Teal) and filter color: Red
  • Exit SELL : if candle color:  Lime and filter color : green
  • Time Frame recomended: M15, M30, H1, H4
  • Trading Sesion : London Market and US market
  • Stop Trading : Sideway market, ECB News and NFP

Suitable for trading types:

1. Scalper trader: use TF m15/M30 to Entry trade and look at TF H1 to check major trand.

2. intraday trader : use TF H1 to Entry trade and look at TF H4 to check major trand.

3. Swing Trader: use TF H4 to Entry trade and look at TF D1 to check major trand.

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Version 1.1 2020.01.21
fix Trend Alert and fix trend line