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This indicator shows price lines with round numbers. These lines act similar to support and resistance on the market. You can choose the quantity and the spacing between lines to be displayed on chart. If you select 10 lines for drawing, the indicator will draw 5 line above and 5 lines below the current price.

Input Parameters:

  • DeletePreviousDayLine - Draw and show lines the previous day.
  • RoundLineColor - Color of lines.
  • RoundLineWidth - Width of lines.
  • RoundLineStyle - Style of lines.
  • DrawPartly - If set to true the lines are drawn within the same day.
  • RoundStep - Step between lines.
  • RoundLineNo - Number of lines.
  • DirectOfLabel - Show label of lines to the left, to the right or don't show at all.
Andrey Borodin
2015.02.06 16:59 

Замечательный индикатор...Для ленивых людей самое-то. Терминал не виснет. Рекомендую.

Version 1.25 - 2015.07.09
The DrawRoundLine indicator ver 1.25 recompiled and solve two problem:
1 - In Gold and silver and some Option charts the round line was not correct which was solved.
2 - In new version speed of indicator is faster than ver 1.20
Version 1.20 - 2014.07.24
In some case user needs to display object properties in back or front.
New parameter is for this: DrawBack.