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This indicator displays the status of your transactions as points or as a percentage of the balance. To see the status of each separate transaction  and the total transaction, is used of a bar graph and a line graph.

Input Parameters:

  • ShowInPercentOfBalance - can be true or false to shows status of trades and balance line in real amount or percent of balance.
  • ShowBalanceLine - can be true or false to shows balance line or not display.
  • ShowTradeBar - can be true or false to shows status bars or not display.
  • FromDate - enter a date in string mode to select a part of account history. If you enter blank the indicator show all data.
  • Currency - if you enter a currency pair only display the status for this currency and if you enter blank shows all currency.
  • MagicNo - if you use magic number for your trade (Expert Advisors use magic number to know its own trades), you will see only these trades status.
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Version 2.11 - 2014.11.20
Fixed error: if you hide a currency in market watch, the indicator could not show the statement of that currency.