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This indicator displays your account transactions with different colors for better detection. The transactions in your account can be withdrawals, deposits and profits of your trades, bonuses, as well as other transactions your broker performs on your account. With this indicator, you can easily manage your account.

Input Parameters

  • ShowOnBalanceLine - enable/disable the entire balance line (true/false).
  • ShowDeposit - enable/disable deposit with the difference line (true/false).
  • ShowWithdraw - enable/disable withdrawal with the difference line (true/false).
  • ShowProfit - enable/disable profit with the difference line (true/false).
  • ShowLoss - enable/disable loss with the difference line (true/false).
  • ShowOthers - enable/disable other transaction with the difference line (true/false).
  • FromDate - enter a date in string mode to select a part of the account history. If you enter blank, the indicator shows all data.           
  • Currency - if you enter a currency pair, you will see the profit and loss of this currency pair only. If you enter blank, all pairs are shown.
  • MagicNo - if you use a magic number for your trade (most Expert Advisors do that to define their trades), by entering a magic number, you will see only that trade's profit and loss.
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