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Scalper Pad

Scalper Pad

Scalper Pad panel is designed for scalping and has only the basic commands for scalping: BUY, SELL, CLOSE, REVERSE, and the choice of LOTS.

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Important Features

  • When a position is successfully opened, you will hear a sound similar to the same action in the terminal;
  • If there is an error, you will hear the error sound;
  • On the the BUY and SELL buttons the change of the ask and bid prices is displayed with arrows;
  • In the input parameters you can enable/disable the tips displayed on mouse over buttons, as well as the language of the tips - English / Russian;
  • The Close button closes the application;
  • The Minimize/Maximize button maximizes/minimizes the panel on the chart;
  • The chart can be moved on the chart. To do it, click the upper part of the pane near the Close and Minimize buttons and move the pane in a desired place.


  • Lots - object for managing lots. When pressing "+-", lot size will be increased/decreased by a minimum available volume step on the server. The volume cannot be set less than the minimum allowed on the server;
  • BUY - opening a buy position (Ask price is above);
  • SELL - opening a sell position (Bid price is above);
  • REVERSE - position reverse function. Positions are reversed with 0 stop levels;
  • CLOSE - closing entire position.
2013.07.10 13:45 

Купил по партнерской ссылке. Покупкой доволен. Партнер получил заявленные 25%, автор - продажу а я замечательный продукт.

Georg Frieske
2013.07.02 22:23 

Amazing best mini trading panel in MQL5 Market. Thank you.

Vladislav Andruschenko
2012.11.14 10:28 

Проверка! Все предложения и замечания просьба писать в ЛС

Version 14.920 - 2014.09.23
Added ability to trade using keyboard.
You can set necessary commands and keys in the Expert Advisor's settings.

KeyBoardTrade=true; Use keyboard keys for trading