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AMG pro

New EA - AMG pro.


Attention! Only 1 full license will be sold. In the future there will be only a monthly rental.

Designed for EUR / USD H1 only. The minimum balance for work is $ 50. The highly recommended account is ECN (with 0 spread).

This EA trades on divergence. Trades are opened at the close of the bar. No unexpected deals. There is protection against spread, protection against gap, protection against small bars.

The most realistic Advisor. The best income shows on EUR / USD H1-it is recommended to use only this pair and this timeframe. The tests were conducted only on 100% tick history from icmarkets broker.

EA advantages
  • Adapted to the real trading conditions
  • Opens trades on the closed bar improving the quality of operation and testing in general
  • Uses a stop loss
  • Added a virtual trailing stop (options: normal or virtual)
  • Features money management
  • WorkTF - working timeframe
  • UseVirtualStops - use virtual stop loss
  • UseRealStops - use real stop loss
  • Close Mode - closing method (Bar - to close the next bar, Trailing - to close the trailing transaction, Takeprofit - to close by take profit)
  • Maximal Spread - maximum spread for opening a transaction, in points
  • Maximal Gap - maximum gap for opening a trade, in points
  • Stop Loss - stop loss, in points
  • TrailStart - trailing stop activation distance, in points
  • TrailDistance - trailing stop distance, in points
  • TrailStep - trailing stop step
  • Lot - lot volume, 0 = autolot
  • Risk - risk,% depot for autolot
  • Magic - Advisor ID, not more than 6 digits
  • Slippage - slip

  • Trading on ECN or faster accounts is recommended
  • The EA is very sensitive to spread, it is better to choose a broker with minimal spread but with a commission
  • Make sure to use a VPN with the least delay
  • Choose the right risks for yourself

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