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AMG pro



- Raw spread, 0 spread, commission 5.5 $ per lot

If you have any questions - feel free to contact me for help.


- Fully adapted to real trading conditions 

- Opens trades only on the opening of the bar 

- Profit is fixed by Take Profit (at start setting)

- Risk-management or fix lot

- For fans there are virtual Stop levels


    • WorkTF - working timeframe
    • UseVirtualStops - use virtual stop loss
    • UseRealStops - use real stop loss
    • Close Mode - closing method (Bar - to close the next bar, Trailing - to close the trailing transaction, Take profit - to close by take profit)
    • Maximal Spread - maximum spread for opening a transaction, in points
    • Maximal Gap - maximum gap for opening a trade, in points
    • Stop Loss - stop loss, in points
    • TrailStart - trailing stop activation distance, in points
    • TrailDistance - trailing stop distance, in points
    • TrailStep - trailing stop step
    • Lot - lot volume, 0 = autolot
    • Risk - risk,% depot for autolot
    • Magic - Advisor ID, not more than 6 digits
    • Slippage - slip

      该指标是基于中值和移动平均特性的组合的顺序混合滤波器。 使用中值允许滤除价格序列值中的异常异常值和随机脉冲。同时,中值滤波器不会对价格变动的趋势起作用,而是保持不变。 由于中值滤波器是非线性的,因此使用简单移动平均值进行平均来平滑其值。这种方法使我们不仅可以更准确地识别趋势,还可以更准确地识别价格变动中的周期性成分。此外,它还增加了指标对价格变化的敏感度,并减少了价格序列与指标读数之间的延迟。因此,指标可以相当准确地警告新趋势的开始,以及旧趋势的结束。 您可以使用 FL 参数调整滤波器的深度及其灵敏度。其允许值为0到63.同时, 2 * FL + 1 条用于计算指标值。因此,FL值越大,指标显示价格图表的趋势越强。
      The indicator creates 2 dot lines representing an upper and lower bands and the main indicator aqua line as the price power. If the main line is swimming inside the bands, then you should wait and watch before entering the market. When the main line jumps out or in the bands, then you should make a long or a short position.
      40 USD
      Kiyoshi Mizu Miyabi Nori
      5 (1)
      This is just a MACD with multi symbols, multi timeframes, and multi colors. features. different symbols and timeframes from the main chart. draw main line, signal line, and histogram. each line can be erased. the ascent and descent can be distinguished.  Due to the above features, this MACD is suitable for multiple lineups in a single chart. This can be used in the same way as MiniCandles.  
      Madrogolden filter
      Francis Dube
      4 (11)
      This indicator is built using standard indicators, such as RSI, DeMarker, Momentum, MACD, Force Index, and Moving Averages to produce a trading filter. Trade when two or more signals of the same color appear (blue - for buying, red - for selling). When conflicting signals appear, abstain from trading. At the bottom of the indicator display window is the momentum signal. Red shows downward momentum and blue upward momentum. The signals for momentum are derived from the standard Momentum indicator
      The script is designed to analyze deals history of a signal exported to a csv-file from its page. The exported file of the studied signal must be placed in the terminal data folder\MQL5\FILES\. The script displays deals for the current chart symbol to which it is applied. In a separate window a short trading report will be created either on the current symbol deals, or on all the deals. There is a possibility to save the report in an htm-file (Shift+H). The script parameters: signal csv-file nam
      30 USD
      ChartBuilder MT5
      Alexey Navoykov
      The indicator is designed for easy construction of synthetic charts based on data of various financial instruments. It will be useful both arbitrage and pair trading, as well as for analysis purposes. Its main advantage is simplicity and clarity. Each chart is given as a common mathematical formula. For example, if you want to plot the spread (difference) between EURUSD and GBPUSD with coefficients 4 and 3, then set the following formula: EURUSD * 4 - GBPUSD * 3 The resulting chart is shown in t
      60 USD
      VSA on the Fly MT5
      Andrei Novichkov
      The "VSA on the FLY" indicator is designed to quickly display various Volume Profile / Market Profile parameters.. The indicator takes the initial data for operation from the M1 timeframe. The indicator is installed on any timeframe and starts displaying data starting from the selected left border. This can be the beginning of a day, a week, a trading session, any hour, etc. The version of this indicator for MetaTrader 4 can be found here . The following input parameters are available: Show
      30 USD
      EA Valhalla
      Uendel Rodrigues Dos Santog
      5 (1)
      We are already at Hotmart and now MT4 version is available for download and test! Tired of losing FIMATHE entries? Tired of spending hours in front of the screen waiting for the right time to enter on a trade? EA VALHALLA was made for you! With simple configuration this EA will help you don't lose more entries! The Expert Advisor has all the necessary resources to help you with risk management. With a robust language and focused on MQL5, which is more complete and secure than MQL4.
      100 USD
      Fibonacci and RSI MQL5
      Carlos Daniel Vazquez Rosas
      Fibonacci and RSI. The indicator is a combination of the Fibonacci and RSI indicators. Every time the price touches one of the fibonacci levels and the rsi condition is met, an audible alert and a text alert are generated. Parameters number_of_candles : It is the number of candles that will be calculated. If you put 100, the indicator will give you the maximum and minimum of the last 100 candles. sound_signal:   If you want the indicator to notify you that the conditions are met using
      10 USD
      Ladder Trend
      Chao Wang Pan
      策略描述:   本EA为趋势EA,思路是最简单的追涨追跌的交易手法,配合移动止损及时截断亏损让利润奔跑,本EA主要交易EURUSD 和 XAUUSD。 参数设置:   Transaction   : 只有Transaction=true时EA才会工作。 Lots              : 下单手数,建议10000USD下单1标准手 即:1000USD 下 0.1手。 less_stop        :  净值低于不在交易。 Maxi_point    : 最大点差限制,这里要看黄金的报价小数,比如黄金两位小数点报价的平台您限制最大点差为50,那么三位小数点报价的平台就是设置500。 SL_symbol_1 :  SL_symbol_2 :  产品1和产品二的止损点数,比如黄金两位小数点报价的平台您设置止损点数为300,那么三位小数点报价的平台就是设置3000。  symbol_1      :  symbol_2      :   产品1和产品二的昵称,并不是所有平台的黄金都叫 "XAUUSD "。请根据平台的昵称填写。注意symbol_1 填欧元兑美元 ,symbol_2填黄金
      188 USD
      Yes I Can MT5
      Marta Gonzalez
      Yes I Can - it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. Yes I Can  Used    Mars 10 Bars Signal  indicator whit two way algorithm     The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of  independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions  Yes I Can It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.     It is a 100% automatic system, the system controls both the inputs and the batches, the operator just
      30 USD
      LastStand Type4 Ronin
      Nothpone Thamrongarchariyakul
      5 (1)
      The Binary Option System "SMA5 + Price Action" Hello fellow investors. I experimented with Binary Option trading and brought in some popular trading systems to make this EA. This is my EA name "Laststand Type4 Ronin" . I won't tell you what this trading system really does.If you want to know, please test it yourself. About setting up my EA click that youtube link. 
      130 USD
      具体用途: 导出市场报价中的交易品种至表格文件,方便用户使用 EXCEL 分析交易品种,更快更方便的查找和选择适合的交易品种。 想要全部交易品种,可以在 市场报价 -> 交易品种 -> 单击右键 -> 全部显示,这样就能下载全部交易品种。 参数说明: 周期,可以选择 M1、D1、W1、MN 等等,默认为 D1 ,分析每天从开盘至最高、开盘至最低、开盘至收盘、最高至最低的相差点数。 周期数量,用于统计的数量,默认为 22 天,统计出 22 天中平均每天的相差点数。 文件说明: MQL5 要求读取或保存的文件必须在指定的数据文件夹里,所以请手动打开文件夹。 文件存在数据文件夹里,“数据文件夹/MQL5/Files/SymbolsData.csv”。
      Saeed Alafifi
      EasyScalp is a fully automated Expert Advisor with no use of martingale. fully automated EA designed to trade FOREX and Spot Metals. Expert showed stable results    with  low drawdown . EA designed to trade on 1H (One Hour) and 30M (Mints) Chart. Try not to change default sitting . just set on the right chart find the best from 5M to H1 . Trading strategy that indirectly measures the price velocity, and filter that confirms its possible signals.  T he objective of the test is to clarify the over
      2 500 USD
      Babel Trailing Stop
      Iurii Bazhanov
      5 (1)
      Babel 4 Trailing Stop      MT5 netting the “ Babel_4_TS ” robot uses the ZigZag indicator to generate Fibonacci levels on M1, M5, M15, H1, H4, D1, W1   periods of the charts , calculates the strength of trends for buying and selling. It opens a position when the specified trend level is exceeded plus Bollinger indicators inform about oversold / overbought market.Than the robot places pending orders at the Fibonacci levels. Candlestick analysis and Bollinger indicators help to increase or decreas
      30 USD
      Lines for MT5
      Radim Kucera
      5 (3)
      Do you need to check support and resistance lines? Do you need to find them really fast and automatically? Do you want to set your own settings how to find them? Then this indicator is your right choice! Indicator Lines is developed for finding support and resistance lines on chart. It does its job quickly and fully automatically. Main principle of algorithm is to get all extremes on chart (according to "Density" parameter). Then indicator tries to find minimally 3 points (according to "Minimal
      30 USD
      Terraforming 1
      Lerato Silokwane
      My first version of the Terraforming EA. The EA uses statistical arbitrage to profit from currency pairs of USD EUR & GBP. Positions are opened when an arbitrage opportunity is identified. The positions are closed after 3 hours or when the market rectified and profit is made before the 3 hour limit. A more profitable version of this EA will be available once a decent track record is made for this one.  Try it out!! Checkout my signal too . A beta version robot is used to trade on my signal acc
      BWmfi Candle
      Andrey Dyachenko
      The BWmfi Bar indicator is designed to work with the Bill Williams system The indicator displays MFI signals on the chart, highlighting candles the corresponding MFI signals You can choose 4 options for the indicator operation by setting the corresponding number 1,2,3,4 in the settings, in the "Input parameters" tab: Normal graph without MFI signals In this mode, the bars will be painted in the colors of the MFI bars This regime is used in his trading by Justin Williams, the daughter of Bi
      30 USD
      MeetAlgo Moving Average EA   Pro MT5   trades using the Moving Averages Indicator. It offers many customizable Moving Averages trading scenarios and flexible position management settings, plus many useful features like customizable trading sessions, a martingale and inverse martingale mode. [     Installation Guide  |  Update Guide  |  Submit Your Problem  |  FAQ  |  All Products  ] Easy to use and customizable MA setting. Enable Grid trading. Customizable break-even, SL, TP and trailing-stop Wo
      30 USD
      Bad Monkey EA
      Salvatore Caligiuri
      4.33 (3)
      1 of 5 copies at SPECIAL PRICE! Only 100$ - After next copiy sold, price will be 299$ Live results :   Click here  - D efault settings Bad Monkey is a professional EA designed to trade EURUSD pair in a simple and safe way. Based on simple trading rules, the EA use a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the best risk/profit ratio. WHAT DOES REALLY MATTERS IF YOU USE EA? - The answer is: risk exposure. Nothing else. Some EA let you choose an initial size, an initial risk, but doesnt talk abou
      100 USD
      Clever Trend Oasis MT5
      Carlos Forero
      5 (1)
      The indicator is based on a proven successful strategy. It shows buys and sello signals with suggested stop and target. In the same way, it calculates the essential trading analysis statistics as successful and profit ratio. Support:   We create great tools for the entire trading community. Most of them are free. If you believe in what we do  Support Us Here.   KEY LINKS:  Indicator Manual  –  How to Install  -  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  Indicator features Effective and understandabl
      Iurii Bazhanov
      MT5 netting the “ Offers ” robot uses the ZigZag indicator to generate Fibonacci levels on M1, M5, M15, H1, H4, D1, W1  periods of the charts , calculates the strength of trends for buying and selling. It opens a position when the specified trend level is exceeded plus Bollinger indicators and Stochastic indicators inform about oversold / overbought market.  Stochastic and Bollinger indicators help to increase or decrease the position. If market moves into favorable direction  Babel Stochas
      Trading Chaos Expert Demo
      Gennadiy Stanilevych
      4 (7)
      混沌交易 EA 演示是 混沌交易 EA 的演示版,面板的演示 - 让您了解混沌交易 EA 的工作算法和各种可能性。这可以替代策略测试,帮助您了解如何利用 EA 在模拟账户里进行无风险工作。在演示版里: 仅可使用一个货币对 (在设置里指定) 您仅可使用 M5, M30 和 H12 时间帧 (即使您指定了其它) 所有开仓只能用最小手数 (经纪商有不同的最小手数),不考虑您在设置里指定的和面板上显示的数值。 世界上没有本软件的同等产品,它代表一个覆盖交易信号的通用交易 "控制台",自动入场,设置止损和止盈,还有在单一窗口里同时进行多交易尾随终止。EA 的 "三次点击" 直观控制,确保在不同计算机上全方位使用所有功能,包括平板电脑。 与附加的信号指标交互来标记图标,给出实际市场的全貌,EA 令您做出正确的选择,以及在大多数情况下成为胜者一方。内置资金管理算法, 还有自动计算手数, 虚拟订单交易, 以及一些其它从崩溃账户里挽救交易者的 "诀窍"。它不是一个 "黑盒子"。而是一个深思熟虑的交易员的不可或缺的助理, 至少要尝试一次它的动作。 注,在面板上形成的 EA 不能在策略测试员中测试。可以在您
      Neuro Control EA
      NEW: Rent this EA as a -> SIGNAL <- Neuro Control EA is a proportional–integral–derivative controller ( PID controller ) enhanced with: - a perceptron deep learning module - a grid module - a volume-based soft martingale - a money management system Neuro Control EA rental licenses come preconfigured and ready to drop on a H1 EUR/USD x500 $1000 mql5 no-hedging account. It is ready to use as is: simply drop it on a H1 EUR/USD x500 $1000 mql5 account no-hedging account and it works. Exists on othe
      3 000 USD
      MTF Moving Average High Low line. I use it in my MT5 and MT4 robots in the round. Look at the robots and indicators I put up under my name. Good luck trading! :) MTF Moving Average (Mozgó Átlag)  High (felső) Low (alsó) line (vonala). MT5 és MT4 robotomban használom a fordulóban. Nézd meg a nevem alatt milyen robotokat és indikátort   raktam fel . Sok sikert a kereskedéshez! :)
      30 USD
      Yuriy Bykov
      An Expert Advisor that works from one to six currency pairs simultaneously for major currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, CAD). For trading, the price movement and the combination of opening signals for several strategies are analyzed. For position opening signals, indicators based on moving averages with various parameters that change during the work on the market situation are used. The preferred periods of the adviser's work are when there is no strong trend, but the volatility is high enough. The i
      2 112 USD
      AW Semi Sweet EA MT5
      Alexander Nechaev
      The Expert Advisor trades where the signal for opening a new order or restoring order is an indicator strategy, which is defined by the user in the input settings. You can choose indicators, their timeframes and the number of signals sufficient to open an order. A total of 29 trading indicators are available, on the basis of which the user can form his own trading idea without using programming. Problem solving ->   HERE  / MT4 version ->   HERE Expert Advisor modes: Hedging Auto mode, Nett
      75 USD
      We all dream of becoming a foreign exchange trading expert, making a lot of money and having a large number of trading fans who adore us. There seems to be only one thing standing in our way: actually learning how to enter and leave the foreign exchange market. Most trading strategies put their emphasis on finding out when to enter the market. Whether it’s technical or fundamental, everyone is looking for an entry signal. However, this only covers half of the trade. As any trader knows, there a
      250 USD
      We all dream of becoming a foreign exchange trading expert, making a lot of money and having a large number of trading fans who adore us. There seems to be only one thing standing in our way: actually learning how to enter and leave the foreign exchange market. Most trading strategies put their emphasis on finding out when to enter the market. Whether it’s technical or fundamental, everyone is looking for an entry signal. However, this only covers half of the trade. As any trader knows, there a
      250 USD
      We all dream of becoming a foreign exchange trading expert, making a lot of money and having a large number of trading fans who adore us. There seems to be only one thing standing in our way: actually learning how to enter and leave the foreign exchange market. Most trading strategies put their emphasis on finding out when to enter the market. Whether it’s technical or fundamental, everyone is looking for an entry signal. However, this only covers half of the trade. As any trader knows, there a
      250 USD
      Evening Scalper Pro MT5
      Valeriia Mishchenko
      5 (6)
      EA has live track record s with   low drawdown : Live signal - Best Pairs Live signal - All Pairs Only 2 copies of the EA out of 10  left  at $799! Next price --> $899 Evening Scalper Pro is the state-of-the-art mean-reversion trading system that operates during the American trading session. It's very different from most other scalping systems, since it uses a unique trading logic on cross pairs that have a strong mean-reverting tendency with high profit targets. EA enters the market with mar
      799 USD
      Divo EA
      Anton Kondratev
      5 (5)
      DIVO EA 是一种多币种、灵活、全自动和多方面的工具,用于识别市场中的漏洞 Оnly 1 副本中的 10 留 在     545 美元! 下一个价格 -->       995 美元 设置 常问问题 优化 关于设置 真实监控 如何安装 我们从不使用网格或马丁格尔! 购买EA后,一定要私信给我,我会加你的     Private Group   ,向您发送设置文件和其他详细说明。 我准备帮助每个买家安装和配置顾问。 如果您以前从未使用过 EA,我将向您展示并教您如何使用它。 一个经过验证的长期交易系统,使用安静的市场时期。 特征 默认设置已针对   英镑兑美元 M15 主要货币对:     英镑兑美元、欧元兑美元、欧元兑英镑 其他设置   澳元加元、欧元加元、英镑加元、美元加元 先进的   虚拟化   模式。你完全可以   隐藏   来自您经纪人的追踪、止盈、止损! 我们用   挂单限价单 ,这显着增加了盈利滑点的机会 挂单已经放置在经纪人的服务器上,这大大减少了延迟 每笔交易都有保护性固定止损 所有交易都有防止滑点和大点差的保护 我们使用大新闻的保护 系统内置自诊
      545 USD
      Thorex MT5
      Lorenz Vauck
      5 (3)
      Thorex - Hammer The Markets 限量发售,价格每 24 小时上涨 10 美元 索莱克斯事实: 一个主 EA 中的 15 个独立 EA 支持AUDCAD、AUDUSD、CHFJPY、EURAUD、EURGBP、EURJPY、EURUSD、GBPAUD、GBPCAD、GBPJPY、GBPUSD、USDCAD、USDCHF 运行您希望创建自己的投资组合和风险的任何组合 所有策略 独立交易,可以打开和关闭,并且具有不相关的每日损益 根据 35 年的总部历史数据(1986 - 2022 年)开发 此外,还对近年来来自各个经纪人的个人报价数据进行了回测 提供完整的回测/投资组合报告 OOS 测试和蒙特卡洛强调 投资组合组合回报/回撤比率 > 400 投资 组合的股权增长稳定性 > 99% 投资 组合在 35 年内的最大停滞时间 < 90 天 没有夜间剥头皮,没有鞅,没有网格,没有进入平均,没有“恢复交易” 每个系统一次进行一笔交易 每笔交易均由仅 17 至 88 点的止损锁定 通过 MQL5 免费持续维护和更新以获得最佳性能 风险/经
      409 USD
      Luna MT5
      Profalgo Limited
      5 (3)
      Launch promo: Only 2 copies left at 299$ Next Price: 349$ Final Price: 999$ LIVE RESULTS :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1513400 Luna EA is a very effective night scalper.  It was developed using years of experience in live trading with the mean-reverse strategy, and selected only the best pairs and techniques to be included in this EA. Since the EA is build upon existing technology that was developed over the years, the EA is already very advanced and has lots of smart features. Recommended
      299 USD
      Night Hunter Pro MT5
      Valeriia Mishchenko
      4.86 (28)
      EA has a   live track record   with many months of stable trading with  low drawdown: Live signal  (set file in the description) High-risk   performance Only   3 copies   of the EA left  at $1199! Next price --> $1499 Night Hunter Pro is the advanced scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth. It is a professional too
      1 199 USD
      Darwin Evolution MT5
      Guillaume Duportal
      4.89 (37)
      达尔文进化  -30%促销!! 1490美元至990美元限时 (提供有效的抵达下一个更新,不要浪费时间) !!!您无法恢复为此EA,它将在没有任何逻辑的情况下打开订单! 描述:  - 了解操作,来读博客(这ea反映了我的外汇交易哲学......如果你喜欢我的方式看东西,那么你会喜欢我的ea。 花时间去做! (外汇不是一场比赛):https:// www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790  - 在这里看到过去的性能是信号的链接 实时正常信号模式: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tradedeal/seller 实时信号风险模式:https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tradedeal/seller 演示版过去的性能: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/71748?source=site +market+main+ratting005# -tab =译文&page=2 解释 : 这种环境评估旨在更接近可能的
      999 USD
      Gold Harmonic MT5
      Renate Gerlinde Engelsberger
      4.71 (7)
      $ 50  discount for the next 5 buyers (1 people left) : Next price: $ 350 An expert based on harmonic patterns For gold in time frame 5 minutes With a large number of signals and high accuracy Has a TP and a SL With low DD value and very low risk Without the use of dangerous strategies such as martingales and hedges  Symbol  Gold  Timeframes  M5  Minimum  Deposit  Minimum tested capital: 100$   Brokers  Any broker  Leverage     50 and above tested Features of this expert:
      300 USD
      Jakub Norbert Bogusz
      4.48 (21)
      Arbor EA is an advance system that uses a number of tools including news filter, our unique custom made indicators with their ability to scan the market with the most accurate precision. It is very easy to use with only necessary inputs which are very straightforward. Before placing a trade, it evaluates the market carefully hence every single trade is covered with appropriate T/P and S/L. Smart news filter provides security for the capital which we believe is the most important thing in Forex t
      299 USD
      Index Scalper PRO MT5
      Evgenii Aksenov
      5 (5)
      剥头皮交易系统是按照移动到价格平均值的原则设计的 Index Scalper PRO适合初学者和经验丰富的交易者。 使用默认设置 重要提示:模拟账户和真实账户的交易结果可能因经纪人而异。 过去获得的利润并不能保证将来如此。 快速VPS和低点差的存在是强制性的 监控真实交易: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1340994 黄牛有一个内置的StopLoss和TakeProfit。 专家顾问不需要复杂的设置,可以在推荐的符号上使用: DE30,DAX30,DE30Cash GER30,DE40,DAX40,DE40Cash,GER40 顾问稳定运作的要求:  最大点差为7点(一个符号)或70点(点后两个符号) ECN或PRO帐户 Vpn以最小的延迟到代理服务器. 建议使用VPN代理或迁移到VPS mql5 按金500元 建议时间段:H1 该顾问与我的其他程序完全兼容 在真实账户上使用之前,请务必在您的经纪商的测试仪或模拟账户中测试Ea交易
      399 USD
      ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $299! After that, the price will be raised to $399. Some Features: - Trend trading, only follow trend to reduce DD - News filter to stop EA before high impact news - Smart time filter to avoid unexpected falling, rising, gap... - Scalping mode to stop EA in some cases ... CAUTION:  News Filter can not back testing. This will cause back testing results to be inaccurate, because News Filter will help EA remove bad trades to limit Drawdown. How to install Please a
      299 USD
      The Golden Coup mt5
      Roman Erokhin
      4.53 (19)
      Golden Coup EA is the most efficient EA on the market. I spent a lot of time and effort to make this software sophisticated with possibilities of high potential returns while keeping the drawdown below 20%. The algorithms of the robot provide investors of any level of training with an investment opportunity that is both safe and aggressive. Golden Coup EA imitating the work of the brain, capable of learning and adapting to changing conditions and predicting situations. When applied to trading i
      750 USD
      Aura Rocket MT5
      Stanislav Tomilov
      3.83 (18)
      Aura Rocket is a one-of-a-kind expert based on deep machine learning and hyperparameter search technology. It is based on the successful Aura Turbo grid expert, with the help of a multilayer perceptron, the entry point has been refined. Several auxiliary proprietary indicators have been added. The Expert Advisor opens trades mainly in the direction of the trend, each trade is protected with a stop loss. No dangerous money management methods are used. Expert does not use Martingale, grid algorit
      995 USD
      Waka Waka EA MT5
      Valeriia Mishchenko
      4.36 (14)
      EA has a live track record with many years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Only 4 copies out of 10 available at $799! Next price --> $899 Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid.
      799 USD
      Batman Midnight Hunter MT5
      Evgenii Aksenov
      4.78 (9)
      蝙蝠侠午夜猎人是一个空心的自动智能夜间倒票系统,已经证明了自己的真实帐户。 专家顾问的目的是利用现有的市场低效率,而不是调整系统以反映历史数据(就像大多数作者所做的那样)。 因此,这不是一个简单的命中和错过系统,它是一个完全适应的夜间套利智能系统,使用真实的市场机制,以其优势,以赚取利润。 EA使用固定止损和止盈。  EA与任何经纪商兼容,并支持带有后缀或前缀的符号,无需在设置中更改符号名称。  内置的点差控制功能阻止了故意不利结果的交易。 蝙蝠侠午夜猎人顾问使用挂单,保证以设定或更优惠的价格打开交易。  推荐外汇交易品种: GBPUSD,EURUSD,EURAUD,AUDCAD,EURCAD,GBPCAD 这个价格还剩下4份。 之后,价格将上涨至$799 账号监控: Batman EA_1     账号监控: Batman EA_2       详细说明: 这里 蝙蝠侠午夜猎人只使用一个图表来交易所有符号。 只需使用EURUSD M30上的默认设置运行Ea交易 在MT4和MT5中测试蝙蝠侠专家顾问的结果是不同的,因为旧的MT4平台一次只允许测试一个符号。 但
      399 USD
      Market Crusher Pro
      Scott Fredeman
      5 (2)
      Y ou can load and allow this Expert to Analyze any symbol supported in MT5 like Crypto Currencies, Indices, Forex, or Commodities like Gold or Silver.  Current Price is $299  - June 1st the price will be $399 with no additional rebates or discounts. MARKET CRUSHER 2.0 COMING WITHIN 1 WEEK OR NEXT FEW DAYS.  (I want it to be amazing so EXPECT DELAYS ON RELEASING IT) NEW DEFAULT SETTING THAT WOBBLES INTO PROFIT MUCH FASTER AND IS MORE RELIABLE. THESE WILL BE ADDED: ADX FILTERS BOLLINGER BANDS
      299 USD
      Gold Baum Pro
      Jakub Norbert Bogusz
      5 (2)
      I would like to present you with another Expert Advisor - Gold Baum. We started with Arbor a few months ago and this time we took it to a whole different level. After getting positive results of our custom made indicators, we’ve been able to see that market scanning algorithms work well. So we’ve combined them with our Neural Networks which we worked on for the last year. The results are incredible and I’m pleased to share them with you in the backtesting screenshot below. For the moment our alg
      199 USD
      News Catcher Pro MT5
      Valeriia Mishchenko
      5 (12)
      EA has a live track record Live performance   (very high risk account) 6 copies  out of 10   left  at $899 Next price --> $999 Price will be kept high to lower the number of users for this system! News Catcher Pro is a mean-reversion strategy that uses intraday seasonal volatility patterns caused by high-impact news events. It enters the market at a certain time shortly before a high-impact news event occurs . It does not trade frequently! Supported currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP
      899 USD
      Waiting Night MT5
      Marat Baiburin
      5 (8)
      Sale! 10 copies will be sold at 50% discount.  Then the price will return to 399$ The final price of the adviser 2000$ Live signal: https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/bayburinmarat/seller Correct GMT setting:  https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/743531 Waiting Night is a professional advisor with an innovative approach to night scalping.  Price Action + author's indicator + unique tracking of positions make the Expert Advisor unique and flexible in configuration: You can adapt the Expert Advisor to
      199 USD
      EA Black Dragon MT5
      Ramil Minniakhmetov
      4.7 (54)
      EA Black Dragon 适用于 Black Dragon 指标。智能交易系统根据指标的颜色打开交易,然后可以建立订单网络或使用止损。适用于支持对冲的账户。 可以在此处找到对实际工作以及我的其他发展的监控: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mechanic/seller 您可以在这里找到所有设置!建议 货币对 GBPUSD  时间范围 M15  建议存款 1000 美元或美分  推荐设置 默认设置 输入参数 New Cycle - 模式开启时,顾问不停地工作,模式关闭时,完成一系列交易后,顾问不会开新订单; 交易买入 - 开/关开买单; 交易卖出 - 开/关开卖单; 管理人工订单——顾问将管理用户的订单; 初始手数 - 初始手数; 手数乘数 - 后续订单的手数乘数; Autolot - 启用/禁用自动手数计算; Autolot size - 启用自动手数时顾问将使用手数的存款金额; 距离 - 订单之间的距离; Max Lot - 顾问可以打开的最大手数; Max Orders Buy - 最大买单数量; Max Orders Sell
      99 USD
      Invictus Gold MT5
      Evgenii Golovanets
      4 (4)
      Invictus Gold is an advanced trading algorithm based on the standard and simple Bollinger Bands indicator and trades on Gold as one of the most liquid and popular trading instruments in the world. The algorithm includes a filter of behavioral factors, it analyzes the depth of market, and makes a decision about entering the trade based on the analyzer's filter data. Thus, the Expert Advisor finds optimal points to enter the market, filtering out false entries not supported by stable market behav
      1 200 USD
      ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $299! After that, the price will be raised to $349. Some Features: -   No Martingale - No Multiplier Lot - Scalping follow trend - News filter to stop EA before high impact news - Scalping mode to stop EA in some cases ... CAUTION:  News Filter can not back testing. This will cause back testing results to be inaccurate, because News Filter will help EA remove bad trades to limit Drawdown. How to install Please allow web requests to the following URLs for t
      299 USD
      Trend Line PRO EA mt5
      Evgenii Aksenov
      4.67 (6)
      专家顾问根据趋势线PRO指标的信号进行交易 重要! 购买此顾问后,联系我获得第二个顾问作为礼物 订单是自动管理的。 EA有一个恢复功能,如果前一笔交易以亏损关闭,则会增加订单大小。 您可以在同一时间使用1到3个订单。 Ea交易完全符合指标信号和FIFO规则,不使用网格功能,允许您以minimum100的最低存款开始交易 EA有一个移动交易面板,用于管理自动交易功能和手动打开交易的能力。 交易者在手动模式下打开的所有交易都将使用DD Reduce功能设置以利润关闭 我们可以说,EA的任务是使任何交易获利,无论何时以及如何打开 EA有一个交易面板,所以你可以在手动/半自动/全自动模式下进行交易 用户手册: 这里       实时信号监测这里: 这里 (对不起机器翻译)
      99 USD
      E7ite X K4pital EA
      Thibauld Charles Ghislain Robin
      5 (3)
      HELLO TRADERS & WELCOME TO E7ITE X K4PITAL -  3 TRADERS / 3 VISIONS / 1 EA LIGHT VERSION:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/81043 This EA is a very special one, it is an off-series created with other traders: Diane Helene Meline Bouiron  and Mounir Chaoui . It was created with several traders with the sole purpose of being as complete and diverse as possible, incorporating various swing, intraday and scalping strategies . Each pair is traded in a different way, for example EURUSD, GBPU
      199.99 USD
      Fully automatic multicurrency trading machine MT5/4 The advisor's strategy is based on trading volumes and statistics of the movement of trading instruments, the author's trading method, which shows excellent results over the past 7 years Multicurrency testing since 2016 with 99.9% real ticks, testing was carried out on the MT5 platform, with all traded currency pairs at the same time. The Expert Advisor has three trading strategies with a smart dynamic lot, which depends on the load on the d
      1 250 USD
      GOLD EAgle mt5
      Evgenii Aksenov
      4.09 (32)
      金鹰是一个摆动策略,是理想的市场在平,这是80-90%的时间。 金鹰专家顾问是优化的XAUUSD(黄金)对. 这是一种使用TrendLine PRO指标作为输入信号的趋势倒卖策略。 专家顾问在指标信号下打开第一个订单,并将利润固定在给定的水平,但如果价格没有达到利润并回滚,则会自动打开一个额外的订单,平均总利润的水平,使其更接近进入点。 一系列订单总是以利润关闭,这要归功于内置的回撤减少功能,该功能在总利润点关闭系列中最无利可图和最有利可图的订单。 交易者手动或自动打开的所有交易都将使用DrawDawn Reduce功能设置以利润关闭。 此功能将自动关闭系列中最无利可图的订单和最有利可图的订单,减少帐户的回撤。 说明和设置文件: 这里 信号监测#1: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1269246 信号监测#2: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1372099 金鹰专家顾问的优势: 你每天都从交易中获利 与其他专家顾问及交易系统兼容 专家顾问有一个交易面板,允许交易者手动打开交易。 所有通过交易面板打开的
      349 USD
      AIAlgoTrade MT5
      Vladimir Pleshakov
      AIAlgoTrade is a modern automated trading solution that uses advanced analysis algorithms and artificial intelligence filters to provide a mathematical advantage to every trade. Our programmers have researched and tested many trading systems over several years to understand the market and find the best approach to time series prediction. Now, all the work of the development team is presented in one Expert Advisor - AIAlgoTrade. The first 10 copies will be sold for $349. 7  out of 10 remain. Next
      349 USD
      市場反轉警報 EA 由同名指標( https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/57892 )提供支持,並根據市場結構變化進行交易。 默認情況下,每次指標發送市場反轉警報時,EA 都會進行交易,並將根據您在 EA 設置中設置的條件和過濾器來交易這些警報。 當價格向當前趨勢方向移動時,它會繪製支撐矩形,並在價格急劇反轉並發出市場結構轉變或重新測試反轉信號時進行交易。更多在指標頁面。 https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/57892 此描述中有太多設置和可能性,因此有一篇包含所有設置的博客文章和一個視頻,在此博客文章中詳細介紹了它們。 https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745502 請閱讀上面的帖子並觀看視頻,您將了解 EA 的強大功能。 這篇博文中有一些很好的設置文件可以幫助您入門和策略。 https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745984 基於市場結構逆轉微調和創建多種策略和交易風格的可能性是無窮無盡的!了解我的人都知
      199 USD
      Genius Assets mt5
      Roman Erokhin
      5 (4)
      How does it work Genius Assets EA?  Simply put, Genius Assets will open virtual trades in the background, using them to constantly monitor the market to help determine the absolutely perfect entry point, at which point GA will begin to open and manage real trades automatically. No automated system can last long without constantly updating settings. Genius Assets EA has an automatic update system, so you can be sure that your copy always has the latest, most effective settings for current mark
      650 USD
      EA Idea Pro mt5
      Vasiliy Strukov
      4.67 (21)
      我很高兴欢迎您来到我的产品页面-我是它的作者瓦西里*斯特鲁科夫。 Ea交易简单易用-只需将其与eurusd gbpusd nzdusd audusd m5的默认设置连接即可。 为了获得最佳效果,建议在图表上取消Ea交易面板上的交易方向-"交易买入"(面板上的绿色表示允许Ea交易购买,红色表示禁止购买)或"交易卖出"(类似)。 我使用Gold Stuff指标确定交易方向 您可以随时在电报组中找到我的设置 您可以随时添加订单-通过简单地打开它们,智能交易系统也将执行它们,即使您从手机中的终端打开它们。 智能交易系统需要对冲账户类型才能工作。 重要! 购买后立即与我联系,以获得说明和奖金! 如果您有任何问题,可以在这里给我留言 参数 选择策略-选择交易策略. 打开新系列-打开/关闭新系列订单的开始。 起始地段-起始地段。 交易买入-允许Ea交易买入。 交易卖出-允许智能交易系统卖出。 使用货币Manadgement-开/关使用自动手数计算。 自动旋转 每0.01手的可用保证金-每0.01手单位开仓的可用保证金金额。 Lot miltiplier-以下订单
      99 USD
      The Viper EA MT5
      Profalgo Limited
      4.13 (8)
      Launch promo : Only 1 copy left at 349$ Next price: 399$ Final price: 990$ Low Risk Live :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1492890 The Viper EA uses sharp and effective "mean reversion" entries during the ranging period of the trading sessions (between 23h and 1h GMT+2, US DST).    These trades already have a very high succesrate, but if the market turns against the position, the EA will initialize its trademark recovery mode. The recovery algorithm will try to convert every unsuccesfull fir
      349 USD
      版本 1.40 2020.01.01
      - Added MaxLot
      - Now Lots are set from Free Margin
      - Added "period" parameter
      - Open a good SL strategy
      版本 1.30 2019.12.15
      版本 1.20 2019.12.15