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Trading box EA professional forex trading tool

What is trading box EA? (The only tool that professional trader needs for trading)

Trading box is professional EA for price event notification and advanced order execution at bid price. It was developed with help of some great forex traders. They say that this EA is cherry on top of the cake. Their problem was that even they know how to read price with great precision (touch trade to the pip) they find hard to trade live, because they missed a lot of great opportunities and did a lot of mistakes because market conditions are changing fast on lower time frames and therefore most of the time limit orders are useless. If you want to make money fast, then you need to trade on lower timeframes and you need to have proper money management which is integrated into Trading box EA. Risk reward ratio and all costs of the trade are visible to trader on the chart. The biggest advantage of trading box EA is that you place order on the market and you decide under which condition this order will be activated. This is how you have control over your orders. You can also put on chart unlimited price alerts which will ensure that you will not miss the trade when price is coming near your order. Limit orders are not the right tool to enter the market, because you have too much administration work with them (calculate right order size, set SL, set target, you cannot delete or place order when market is closed).

When you will get familiar with all functionalities then you will save a lot of time and bad trading decisions because this EA will introduce discipline and freedom into your everyday trading. You set up your strategy and everything else is then automated. You don’t need to be behind the charts to capture right price action for your trades. This EA is also very useful for scalping because orders can be placed in few seconds. Risk Reward ratio is instantly calculated, so you can decide if this trade will suit your money management strategy.

Trading box EA advantages:

  1. Unlimited Notifications and Alerts on chart placed with horizontal lines. For example, when price engulfs level, before S&D (Supply and Demand) zone, before order block, at certain price level…
  2. Every event is also supported with mobile push notifications
  3. Orders and SL are executed within Bid price. This solves problem of spread SL hunt for Sell positions, when ask price can easily hit your SL during big news.
  4. Price is executed inside order block (rectangle with name buybox or sellbox) if spread is below defined value from EA input parameters. For example, trade can be open with 0.0 spread on EURUSD
  5. Orders don’t execute if gap occurs beyond your order block (news, Monday gap, market open…)
  6. You can disable all order blocks on all charts before big news with one global variable (time interval). For example, you can disable executing all orders from 14:45 to 15:15 on all charts
  7. When big candle is printed with origin inside order block you will be notified that market is started to move
  8. Place order within second. With one click you can change rectangle into order block ( buybox or sellbox). Default trading block parameters are changeable trough EA input parameters or rectangle description
  9. Calculated order block SL with spread and commission, order block risk shown in percentage of account. There is also Risk Reward ratio calculated for order block and displayed on chart
  10. You can set rebuy and resell level inside order block at better price
  11. You can enable or disable order block with one button click or automatically when price reach defined level with sellon or selloff and buyon or buyoff horizontal line

All order blocks from all charts are visible on Trading box dashboard EA, which needs to be placed on separate chart. There you can see in pips what is the distance for each order block. All order blocks are listed in one view. You can also sort order blocks based on pips until order block. This is how you can see which order block need attention because price is close

Send me email on  mt4tradingboxea@gmail.com and I will send you PDF manuals.

Support from the5%ers: https://the5ers.com/protect-forex-orders/

Mamboki 2019.11.27 20:25 

I trade supply and demand with price action and this tool is perfect for my trading style.

I really like automatic order size calculation depending on my fixed 1% risk per trade and risk reward calculation... It really saves me a lot of time. 😊

When you use this tool, you get filling that you are in control of your trading… I will never place a limit order again. No way!

Thank you for this great tool. Please create more video tutorials on your YouTube channel.

Version 1.2 2019.12.12
1. Task label is moved 10px more down
Version 1.1 2019.12.11
1. Spread filter status in the right upper corner is added. It shows if orders can be opened
2. When you click SC or BC, then EA chechs your settings Max bars in chart. This prevents to load too much M1 history and prevent MT4 to chrach becouse "Out of memory" problem
3. Some minor bug fix (spread checking is more accurate)