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PiPs Sniper

Pips Sniper is 85% profitable forex trading robot which uses price action and indicators to enter the market with trades. It uses a hedging strategy to correct wrong trades and make use of stoploss and take profit to exit the market. It also provide options to use break even strategy. This robot gives best results in the H1 chart with an account with minimum spread (below 10 points). This robot can be used for scalping or swing trades.When used for swing trades, monitoring is necessary otherwise scalping is purely hands free. The robot gives a monthly growth of 50% minimum and opens 1 to 3 trades per day in one pair. The strategy tester results where done with an account of 5 pips spread or below.


  • Best pairs GBPAUD,, XUAUSD or Gold and EURCAD
  • Best timeframe 1H
  • Best take profit in H1 is 100 pips
  • Set visible take profit to true
  • Use default settings except changing Lot value mode to Auto_Lot
  • You can test it on any other pairs with different time frames.

Input Settings

  • Lot Value mode = Allows you to choose between using a fixed lotsize mode or Auto lotsize mode.
  • Auto_Lot mode= This allows the robot to determine its trading lotsize depending on your account balance. The lotsize will increase as your balance grow.
  • Fixed mode: The lotsize will be fixed and can only be changed manually
  • Fixed lot value = When using fixed lot mode, specify your lotsize here.
  • Lotsize per 100 of Balance = When using Auto lot, this value is used to calculate your trading lotsize. Its recommended that you keep it below 0.02.
  • Use Breakeven = Choose between using break even which locks in profits and use trailing stops.
  • Trailing points = When using Breakeven, specify the amount of trailing points here.
  • Signal Validation Candle = When a new signal is detected in the market, the robot waits for number of candles to validate the signal and open a new trade. 3 is recommended in many pairs.
  • Use visible Take profit = Set true to use take profit. When false is selected, the robot will close trades only when an opposite signal is detected.
  • Use Sl = Allows the robot to use stoploss of every trade. Stoploss is calculated by the robot based of the market turning point. When set to false, the robot only use stoploss when hedging out bad trades. Its much better when set to false. 


For any technical assistance regarding my robot, please contact me by leaving a text in my inbox or by sending a whatsapp message at +264852444240

Note that this robot will never blow up your account unless you are using very big  lotsizes

Reviews 1
CerberusFB 2020.05.25 17:19 

Absolut great Trading Bot, awesome support and constant profits. Highly recommended!

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CerberusFB 2020.05.25 17:19 

Absolut great Trading Bot, awesome support and constant profits. Highly recommended!