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Trading Assistant Robot

This utility will be useful for traders who need to automate some actions. It can perform the following functions:

  • Set TakeProfit level.
  • Set StopLoss level.
  • Transfer StopLoss to breakeven.
  • Transfer StopLoss using Trailing stop.

The utility has the following input parameters:

  • TakeProfit - TP level.
  • StopLoss - SL level.
  • TrailingStop - if you do not want to use the Trailing stop, set it to 0. If the value is positive, then it will be used for the Trailing stop. If you set a negative value, it will be used to transfer SL to breakeven when it reaches the appropriate level.
  • Sign of a change in only zero values ​​- change levels only if they are equal to 0. That is, if you transfer the levels manually, the adviser will not touch them.
  • BuyOrderColor - color of levels of buy orders.
  • SellOrderColor - color of the levels of sell orders.

The EA is simple and convenient to use, does not consume unnecessary computer resources and has no extra settings.

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