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EA Locker

"The power of forex in the lock"  V. Strukov.

EA Locker this is a unique authoring algorithm, which was designed to be as stable as possible with any market movements. The essence of the method is to completely close the positions in the lock.

Real-time results can be viewed here 

You can find recommended settings in the product comments

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  • Open new series - on / off start a new series at the end of the current one.
  • Start lots -  start lot.
  • Use Money Manadgement -  on / off use of automatic lot calculation.
  • Autolot. Free margin for each 0.01 lot - the amount of free margin for opening every 0.01 lot.
  • Kmartin - lot multiplier.
  • Maximum Lot - maximum lot.
  • Lock Orders - how many times the lock will be opened.
  • Trail Start - distance when the trailing stop starts working..
  • Trail Step - the distance from the price at which the trailing stop starts.
  • DD Reduction Algoritm - drawdown reduction algorithm.
  • Number order for DD Reduction Algoritm -  from which order the drawdown reduction algorithm is activated.
  • Percent profit for DD Reduction Algoritm - percentage of profit when closing orders in the drawdown reduction mode.
  • TP - take profit, in pips.
  • Sl -  as a percentage of the deposit.
  • Grid Step - distance between orders.
  • Magic EA - is the number that the EA assigns to its orders.
  • Spread open, close - maximum spread for opening and closing positions.
  • Draw on-off - draw closed profits on the chart.
kutuzov1304 2019.11.11 19:33 

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