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Moving Average Advanced Alerts

Hello Serious Trader,

Your standard MT4 Moving Average Advanced Alerts with signal arrows and alerts (pop up, email, push notification, sound) with alert options:

1) true/false "One_MovingAverage_Bar_Cross"--- A bar passing one moving average

2) true/false "Two_MovingAverage_Cross"--- Two moving average crosses 

3) true/false "Three_MovingAverage_Cross"--- The first two cross and third confirms direction

3) true/false "Four_MovingAverage_Cross"--- The first two cross and third and fourth confirm direction

4) true/false "Signal_OnRetracement"--- The first two cross confirm direction and there is a bar low that retraces "RetracementRetracementPercent" % in between them. If true/false "Use_CloseHalfWayThrough" is set to true, then the bar needs to confirm at least half way of previous bar into same direction; for example, in a buy, the close must be half way or higher than the middle of bar.

Arrow codes also attached.

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