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CandleTimer is an indicator that can be usable for scalper and short-term traders. It shows the following useful information:

  • Remaining and past time of a candle on the current chart or other timeframe
  • Alarm setting for play sound at the start of the current candle
  • Show SL/TP line defining whether the indicator has a Sell or Buy order or both
  • Show a spread value
  • Show Ask and Bid lines in different colors in high and low spread
  • Compatible with a money management EA (you can buy it separately) for displaying SL/TP lines defined in the EA parameters


  • TimeFrame: timer calculates the time for alarm and shows the remaining or past candle time. If you set this parameter to "", the current timeframe is selected.
  • ShowMMExpertSLTP: if you use a money management Expert Advisor and set this parameter to true, the indicator sets the SLLimitPip and TPLimitPip parameters to Expert SL and TP parameters.
  • (the Money Management Expert does not exist in my shop yet but will be published later).
  • ShowOrderType: show SL and TP line for a sell and buy order.
  • AlertStartOfCandle: if true, the sound file plays in start of a candle, otherwise it does not.
  • WaveFileName: you can input your sound file name with .wav extension. The sound file must be in ...\MQL4\Sounds directory.
  • ShowInformation: if true, text information about spread and timer is displayed, otherwise, it is hidden.
  • RemainOrPastTimeOfCandle: if true, the indicator shows the remaining time of a candle, otherwise, the indicator shows its past time.
  • ShowSpreadText: if true, a spread is displayed.
  • TextColor: information text color.
  • TextFont: information text font.
  • TextSize: information text size.
  • ArowText: select a string of sign for custom defile cursor.
  • ShowSLInstant: if true, SL line is displayed.
  • SLLimitPip: SL size in pips.
  • SLLineColor: SL line color.
  • SLLineStyle: SL line style.
  • SLLineWidth: SL line width.
  • ShowTPInstant: if true, TP line is displayed.
  • TPLimitPip: TP size in pips.
  • TPLineColor: TP line color.
  • TPLineStyle: TP line style.
  • TPLineWidth: TP line width.
  • DisplaySpreadlines: if true, two lines for Ask and Bid are displayed, and when the spread amount is greater than MaxSpread, a different color is used.
  • MaxSpread: maximum spread for showing a different color.
  • ColorForSpreadHigh: if a spread exceeds of MaxSpread. The lines colors change to this color.
  • AskColor: Ask line color when a spread is less than MaxSpread.
  • BidColor: Bid line color when a spread is less than MaxSpread.
Borodin161 2015.11.30 17:23 

Можно найти и за бесплатно. Не ведитесь.

Version 2.24 2016.02.09
Core of indicator updated.
Version 2.23 2015.12.02
Corrected two error:
1 - When AlertStartOfCandle set to true and user change timeframe, Alarm sound played
2 - If the connection of MT4 disconnect and then have connected the Alarm sound not play.
Version 2.22 2015.11.18
Fixed time display.
Version 2.21 2015.10.09
Fixed a delay in a candle start.
Version 2.20 2015.10.07
Added the following items:

- Line parameters for user access to all and full properties of a line.
- The timer in last version related to tick sent from a server and indicator timer freezed if there was no any tick. The new version uses the local time clock and is faster.
- A user can select the 'showordertype' parameter in the settings and the main screen.
- Some other changes.