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True Points PRO

The indicator analyzes the dynamics of price changes and determines the true pivot points. The indicator calculates and displays the total profit and the probability of achieving it.  The indicator has built-in Take Profit levels: TP1 captures profit at a given level; TP2 is considered automatically (regulated by the Low Level parameter). Information about the profit and the current signal is displayed in the moving information panel. The Result parameter calculates all profits and loss.

The True Points PRO indicator works with all quotes: FX-pairs, indices, metals, crypto, derivatives (any quotes that your broker has,4 and 5 digits with a prefix or suffix). The True Points PRO never repaint or recalculate the parameters!!!

The indicator is based on TruePointsHisto, which determines the possible overbought and oversold points. 

To get the TruePointsHisto make review and rating about the  True Point PRO indicator in the Reviews folder and email me: profitcamp@mail.ru. We will send you an unlimited version of TruePointsHisto with an individual key.

Main parameters of the True Points PRO:

- Amplitude- the main parameter of the indicator

- Open/Close value- the main parameter of the indicator to determine the frequency of signals

- TakeProfit #1- profit level by a given value

- Use TakeProfit #2 - flag to switch on/off TP2

- StopLoss -sets the loss level for TP1 and TP2

- Multiple orders (Max number) - sets the max number of orders in a series

Skip bars for the next signal-parameter to steps between enter points (triggers) "no closer than"

Information is available in the panel:

- signal strength with "best price" indicator (green dot - price is better, red dot-price is worse)

- TakeProfit level #1 (if used)

-the level of StopLoss (if used)

- % achievement of TR1 and TR2 goals and number of points 

- maxDD (maximum drawdown) / maxS (the maximum number in a series)

-Results-result in points values: TR1+TR2-SL1-SL2
morteza farahmand
morteza farahmand 2019.11.16 13:33 

Highly recommend this product! Very happy

vadimice 2019.11.15 19:26 

Ottimo indicatore.

Superman0069 2019.11.15 04:55 

This is the very first indicator I've ever bought. It's a great indicator and very profitable! Pair this with True Points Histogram for even better entries and exits!

lsreis 2019.11.14 13:45 

I have been testing this since early versions and I have to say the entries are great. Especially in higher timeframes H1+. Works very well and now without repainting.

RealiRay 2019.11.07 18:49 

Been testing it for few days. I am extremely happy with the results I've seen so far. I will update within a month.

Michele 2019.10.23 17:14 

Mi sembra un buon Indicatore

Version 2.1 2019.11.14
added description for the Amplitude parameter in the settings
Version 2.0 2019.11.14
On repaint version
Version 1.70 2019.11.04
fixed one more bug
Version 1.60 2019.11.04
updated to 1.6
Version 1.50 2019.11.04
fixed a bug
Version 1.30 2019.11.03
1. fixed repainted
2. updated moving panel
3. iCustom buffers made
Version 1.2 2019.10.23
updated data
Version 1.1 2019.10.23
Updated logic of indicator