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Alex Profis

Alex Profis is a fully automated Expert Advisor for Forex trading. The EA uses the strategy based on price levels' breakout.

The main rule of the EA is to preserve and increase the account balance without large risks. Therefore, the EA is in the market for mere minutes, sometimes seconds per day.

The best results are achieved on GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY. The EA works on H1. The product requires a low-spread broker with accurate order execution.

Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/sania2010s/seller

The EA's Features:

  • no need in a large initial deposit;
  • only pending orders are used;
  • each deal is protected by stop orders (Stop Loss and Take Profit);
  • additional check of stop loss and take profit's presence in case of connection loss when placing an order;
  • in case pending order's price slippage, stop loss and take profit levels are re-set at the next tick according to the specified parameters;
  • ability to move the order to breakeven;
  • position trailing stop is used;
  • both a fixed lot and a free margin percentage are used;
  • ability to set time limitations for the EA operation;
  • ability to delete pending orders when the spread is increased. After the spread is decreased, the orders are re-set;
  • no martingale;
  • does not consume too much CPU resources.


  • TP - pending order take profit;
  • SL - pending order stop loss;
  • BBUSize - profit in points, at which the stop loss is moved to the break-even;
  • BBUSizepip - break-even size in points;
  • Magic - magic number;
  • UseTrailing - enable/disable trailing;
  • TrailingStart - profit in points, after which trailing starts;
  • TrailingStep - size of a step, by which the profit should increase in order to move trailing to the next stage;
  • TrailingStop - size of a step, by which the profit should decrease, so that an order is closed;
  • MaxRisk - risk for the deposit per deal;
  • Lots_fixed - fixed lot on/off;
  • Lot - fixed lot size;
  • Slippage - permissible slippage for opening an order;
  • Distance - permissible distance between pending orders;
  • CloseDay - the day to close and delete all orders;
  • CloseHour - the hour to close and delete all orders;
  • CloseMinute - the minute to close an delete all orders;
  • OpenDay - the EA will start trading from this day;
  • OpenHour - EA operation start hour;
  • OpenMinute - EA operation start minute;
  • NonFarmDay - delete orders before nonfarm (day);
  • NonFarmHour - delete orders before nonfarm (hour);
  • NonFarmMinute - delete orders before nonfarm (minute);
  • CheckSpread - delete pending orders when a spread is increased;
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread value;
  • Order_Comment - order comment.
Please set up the work time of the Expert Advisor according to the work time of your trade server.

Francisco Canadas
Francisco Canadas 2018.08.30 18:03 

se necesitaria un broker con 0 spread para que funcionase en real.

Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2017.05.29 03:29 

I gave this EA about 2 stars over a year ago, but MQL would not allow me to update my rating without deleting the post, so i just want to make sure that people know this EA was a failure when i tested it back then.

About 2 month ago, the author released a newer version of the EA and messaged me to review it. So far, its demo forward testing a whole lot better then the previous version. So i felt the need to at least update my feedback since he spent time to correct the performance for an EA i had already given up on. I will test for one more month, and then try on a real account. As of now, its working great.

egork1986 2017.04.24 09:23 

Очень хорошо!!!

BlueDot 2016.08.30 06:59 

Keep losing money with this EA.

I am patient with it cause me more damage to my REAL account.

Back testing is very good.

Demo live is ok.

Real money is bad

Cashcoward 2016.06.15 16:13 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Sebastian Grobelny
Sebastian Grobelny 2016.04.06 21:01 

EA is good when there are big price changes as you can catch a brekout but on quite days you can get even couple sl on a day.

Average performance.

Goog point is that you have many options of personalising EA.

Xiaoyang Sun
Xiaoyang Sun 2015.12.06 05:38 

Very good .

Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez 2015.11.21 00:45 

Verwende diese EA seit Anfang September real. Bis jetzt war nicht viel los. Sehr kleiner Gewinn (+0.15%). Habe heute die Trades der letzten 5 Wochen mit dem Backtest verglichen. Stimmt 1:1 +/- kleine Differenzen wegen dem Spread. Im Backtest sieht man aber auch, dass die letzten paar Wochen schlechte Wochen waren für diese EA und vermutlich auch alle anderen EA's.

07.09.2015 - 30.09.2015: +2.9 Pips

Oktober -21.1 Pips

Artem Atuchin
Artem Atuchin 2015.10.05 17:51 

Советник не стоит этих денег. Пользуюсь уже месяц с разными настройками (стандартные, агрессивные), на разных счетах (реал, демо) - ничего хорошего с него не получил. Сигналы автора на реале https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/94920, https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/94990 говорят за себя.

p.s сигналы советника удалены - что и требовалось доказать!!!

technow 2015.09.18 01:18 

EA could be better if the author did some updates, it ignores some things. Without it this expert advisors might be one of the best near some with very high prices.

auto_34332ba445c90c06275aae173f703457 2015.09.17 06:08 

Не работает советник

Автор просто игнорирует и удаляет всех кто говорит об этом.

Ildeli Santos
Ildeli Santos 2015.09.08 04:22   

Losser EA. It´s worth 1 USD. Look to the account monitor.

SEAFX _SA 2015.08.30 00:07 

Простой, но хорошо продуманный и грамотно написанный советник.

История торговли говорит сама за себя. Рекомендую.

Brett Jones
Brett Jones 2015.08.24 15:55 

So far I've had Alexis Profis running for two and a bit weeks. The first day I had one winning trade and since then I haven't had a single trade via take profit. Perhaps it is the market conditions or I need to be more patient. Comments here indicate this is a long term profitable EA. My settings seem to be good and I have a test server that mimics the Alexis Profis signals and it hasn't won for two weeks either. I've incurred losses for about 10% of account balances so far. I've asked seller for assistance but no response for a week.

I'll keep going for another few weeks and let everyone know how things pan out...

Update 28/8/15 - seller responded within reasonable time frame.

I haven't been able to make profit with this EA. I think it sits too close to support and resistance levels and therefore isn't the best EA to use a breakeven function because it almost always come back to the breakeven and therefore kills any potential profits!

Mul Lins
Mul Lins 2015.08.23 12:22 

This is a good EA however it doesn't trade very often. I feel like the pending orders could be updated more frequently as the EA can miss some great opportunities. Maybe the author could incorporate more indicators besides just ZigZag for pending order placement? Profits really depend on how many breakouts occur. Some months are good, some are bad and some are average. There are also lots of options for setting up the EA which is great, trailing stop, SL level etc.

hamoud 2015.08.15 09:38 

I rented for tying 2 days ago, and will buy it if i like it

i get same trades as monitoring account of Alex in Exness REAL account

and i agree with all the positive feedbacks here

will update my feedback with positive or negative results

easyboy 2015.08.14 15:46 


I have gought the EA. And i just make some change for the setting.but i get some issues.

I set like these blow:

TP - ;

SL - 80;

BBUSize -30;

BBUSizepip - 10;

Magic - 20150315;

UseTrailing - true;

TrailingStart - 30;

TrailingStep - 10;

TrailingStop - ;

Each time when the sell stop orders open, then take profit.

the order change the take profit to the break-even the close the order. It make me confused , i didn't set the take profit, what it could happened?

Did i make any mistake?

greencastle 2015.08.12 19:38 

I give 5 star for Alex Profis. Confident forward test on real account from Alex start balance $10000 (https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/106536), above 1.50 Profit Factor, Win rate above 80%, acceptable Drawdown even with high risk setting, really cheap and you can rent it to test the EA on forward test also. I can expect 200% - 300% profit per year using this EA..:) Thanks Alex, keep up the good work..!!!

Jateen Narsai
Jateen Narsai 2015.08.04 09:03 

Average so far. Trades very little. Growth is negative so far within 2 weeks.

Roy Chen
Roy Chen 2015.08.03 03:39 

been running Alex Profis for more than a month now. It' s quite impressive with nice profits. We all know that when trading with bigger lots, there will be both considerable profits and loss. July has been the month with big ups and down. We just need to accept this fact. Anyway by looking at the EA's setting with SL and breakeven strategies, i trust that it's very profitable in a long term. keep up the great work!

BRADLEY PATRICK 2015.07.31 01:51 

This EA has recently lost all of its profits plus some on my real account. I am glad I only rented it.

Plamen Ivanov
Plamen Ivanov 2015.07.14 10:48 

Five star support, live signals that show what you can really expect from the advisor, great price.

Testing the advisor with several different settings and brokers. Exness is the most suitable broker for the moment. If you want to increase the risk, use the settings from this signal - https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/59628.

Maxim Moskarov
Maxim Moskarov 2015.07.13 13:04 

Gehört wohl zu den besten EAs am Markt, sehr gute Performance, top Risk Management, viele Einstellmöglichkeiten. Bin grade dabei den EA mit anderen Einstellungen zu testen und zu optimieren.

Andre Da Silva Peres
Andre Da Silva Peres 2015.07.09 15:09 

Bom dia, Alguém da uma dica de qual corretora este EA se adepta melhor?

jiunn85 2015.07.09 09:19 

This is my first EA. And now I'm already own 2 more others EA from the profit here! =D

and really appreciate Alex for sell this EA in such a good price! ;)

Thank you Alex!!

All the best!

Update:- 8 June 2015

Recently Octafx has a very big slippage and I got a lot of loss because of that. PLEASE AWARE.

I'm moving my money to others broker.

slowbear 2015.06.30 13:17 

I have been using the EA for around 3 weeks after around a month of backtesting and have tried it out on 3 different charts (EURUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD).

It's fascinating watching it work, placing the orders at various lines then checking the account history each morning to see what's been going on. So far my account is around even, I've only made a few dollars so far with a small account balance ($100) while I tested the EA.

I can clearly see that with the right settings this EA will be able to capture big profits whenever there is a breakout, and when there isn't, losses are minimised to a few dollars or break even. So I think this is very promising.

In testing I have found that the following settings will give you a much steadier profit line than the default settings:

- use fixed lots, small at first and increase manually when the line starts to look quite flat

- don't set risk setting above 20

- use a lower TP value (I have mine set between 250 and 600 rather than 1000)

- use a higher trailing value and breakeven value (this increases SL trades but also massively reduces the breakeven trades - overall a worthwhile tradeoff)

It would be nice to have access to the following:

- list of different settings for different currencies, as for example in terms of pips, XAUUSD moves a lot more in a session than EURUSD so it would be great to have the different settings to take advantage of the different levels of movement

- list of different settings for different time zones, I am GMT but my server is GMT+2, I'm not sure which time zone the EA default settings are for, so I don't know what to change my open / close day and nonfarm settings to. This hasn't been an issue yet, but it certainly could be in the future

I will continue to test over the next few weeks and will publish an updated review, along with some of the settings I have found to work well.

If anyone would like to message me to exchange ideas, input values and stats, please feel free.

Nauris Mucenieks
Nauris Mucenieks 2015.06.30 11:58 

i rented it for a month ( sadly May ), so asides the draw-down - i can confirm that the EA works exactly as the signals and back-test.

need to work out the details with the right broker/spread - and you'll be fine.

i recommend!

Muhamad Ezzad
Muhamad Ezzad 2015.06.09 16:23 

This EA really good..

It make minimum loss and make maximum profit..

I already profit 300%..

If loss what you need is patience and wait for the maximum profit growth back..

That is forex..

Igor Sharankov
Igor Sharankov 2015.06.04 18:11 

Брюзжание оставим для дёрганых неудачников и завистливых нищебродов. Сразу отмечу, «АлексПрофис» не для тех, кто стремится урвать «всё и сразу».

Эта, пусть и не особо затейливая, стратегия рассчитана на долгосрок , когда «болтанка» профит-убыток и периоды временных просадок с лихвой компенсируются одиночными полноценными профитными сделками. «АлексПрофис» - отличное дополнение для инвестиционного портфеля, и если не завышать риски, а, скажем, работать лотом 0.1-0.4 на десяти-двадцатитысячнике, то мы получаем эффективный дополнительный инструмент с неощутимыми для депозита полосами исторических просадок и периодическими греющими душу всплесками профита.

Саша, поздравляю с успешной разработкой! И удачи в дальнейших поисках своего уникального алгоритма!

Albert Feixas
Albert Feixas 2015.06.04 16:49 

Hace un mes que compré la EA y va muy bien!! Es la mejor!!

Scrad 2015.06.01 19:50 

EA dont work on Real, look Author Signal on Tickmill the same on me Account... dont buy this EA.

trader13550 2015.05.26 17:21 

Great EA, live trading matches backtest and i like the strategy. Highly recommended.

After 2 months, i made 160% profit :) i love this ea. and i love how to play with its settings.

these users who give one star don't know how to handle this ea and its strategy.

i think i will get rich soon :D

don't ask me for my settings and pairs, i don't give you my holy grail settings

Dan Thompson
Dan Thompson 2015.05.26 07:11 

Excellent EA

毛启8 2015.05.26 03:23 


Sergey Salikhov
Sergey Salikhov 2015.05.20 18:27   

че-та льет он и название поменялось место профит стало профис. также сменили мониторинг реального счета.

demark1 2015.05.20 08:41 

This is a great EA! It is natural that a breakout system has a very low hit rate, but Alex solved the drawdown problem by moving to breakeven as soon as possible so 85% trades will be in the green. He is a genius! The default setting is recommended because jumping in with bigger lots and smaller targets bring more profit than setting a tall order! Just go in and out in a few minutes or less. This is a professional EA that I will rate as 5 stars. Thanks Alex for good job. Patience is needed when apply this EA as 70-80 trades will ends up breakeven, 10-15% loss and only 10-15% true profit trades. It is probably the best buy as some other sellers charge 1000$ while Alex only charge 199$. It is a steal at this price imo.

Muhammad Shahid
Muhammad Shahid 2015.05.19 05:34 

i have bought this EA and tried on many live accounts on different brokers but in vain. Real account performance is totally different than demo and back tests. i think waste of money. I removed from all my accounts after losing lot of money.

Gimpel9000 2015.05.12 09:55 

If you had asked me in first week i had given this EA five stars, but now, after 3 weeks and -37% on account i´m not so satisfied. Since 7th May i only got loss trades, because of opening trades in range situation directly on peeks of resistance or support zones and they all got back to their swing and i lost the trade. In his realtime monitoring you can see that he also crashed his account - https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/94920.

If you got an ongoing strong trend this EA might work, but at the moment it only burns money.

Roman Rudnev
Roman Rudnev 2015.05.11 17:50 

Добрый день! Alex Profit работает у меня на реальных счетах. Результатом доволен.

Хотя первое время относился скептически к данному роботу, т.к. не все брокеры идеальны, и сделки отличаются.

Но в итоге хочу поблагодарить автора и поставить высокую оценку за проделанную работу. Рекомендую.

Спасибо, Александр!

Nithi Jivarungruang
Nithi Jivarungruang 2015.05.08 13:34 

Good strategy

I give you 5 stars.

Not always winning trade, but the loss trades are reasonable and acceptable.

alain die
alain die 2015.04.24 21:54   

bonjour a tous allez y les yeux fermer que du gains alexprofit $$$$$$$$ merci :)

Nikita Romashko
Nikita Romashko 2015.04.18 18:43   

Советник хороший, Александр отвечает на все вопросы, мучал его более неделю распросами :)

Vitaliy Kosonog
Vitaliy Kosonog 2015.04.12 23:42 

Отличный советник. Купил, потестил на дефолтных настройках, все супер, но мне показалось мало и я решил пооптимизировать, а так же увеличил риски и в итоге за неделю +108% к депозиту! Супер! Рекомендую проводить оптимизацию каждые 3 месяца с размахом в +2года и тогда советник будет приспосабливаться к текущей ситуации на рынке, а учитывая, что последние полгода Открытый Интерес (проще говоря это деньги, которые крутятся во всем форексе) и волатильность по паре EUR/USD увеличился до рекордных значений, преимущества и весь потенциал данного советника многократно возросли! Проще говоря мы чаще будем входить в рынок и с прибыльными сделками :) Спасибо автору за труды и всем профита!

Dimitris Rizoglou
Dimitris Rizoglou 2015.04.11 16:08 

Great Product, well developed with frequent updates. It delivers exactly what it promises. A value for money EA with great potential. Honest and fast support!

weesoh88 2015.04.07 00:32 

With this EA, you must be patient. The balance may fluctuate up and down but in the long run, it grows quite well. I have backtested it using 99.9% tick data for the period 2012.1.15 to 2015.3.31, and the balance increases from a deposit of $3000 to about $133,000. The drawdown was 48%. The EA uses "sell stop" and "buy stop" to open positions.

--- If you are interested in reading my reviews about other EA and signals on MQL5.com, please refer to my profile page. ---

George Zhukov
George Zhukov 2015.03.19 10:11 

Очень отзывчивый разработчик.

Очень помог с настройками!

Прекрасные результаты на тесте.

Запустил на реальном счете.

Большое спасибо!

Arhey 2014.12.23 14:33 

Отличный советник и автор помогает - ну что еще нужно? Только брокера нормального подобрать.

Ayrat Nuriakhmetov
Ayrat Nuriakhmetov 2014.03.25 05:39 

Классный советник,после теста уверенно приобрел. Поставил на реал и сравнил с показаниями тестера- совпадение - 99.5%. Скоро будет обновление. Главное не жадничать и ставить безопасные настройки, иначе можно расстроиться. Всем советую, пока не дорого, приобрести.

Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez 2014.03.25 00:11 

after testing two weeks in a real account this result. Could have done better if he had not added some trailing stop thinking that would improve the result.


Виталий Власов
Виталий Власов 2014.02.26 12:12 

Советник, работает на ура, маленькие минуса и большие профитные сделки, спасибо автору.

Version 4.5 2017.03.27
updated the operation algorithm
Version 4.4 2015.03.18
- order comments;
- fixed errors in re-setting of Take Profit;
- function of order recovery in case of spread increase.
Version 4.3 2014.12.15
Fixed minor errors.
Version 4.2 2014.11.05
- Updated new signal search method
- Updated trailing stop
Version 4.1 2014.10.07
Fixed minor errors.
Version 4.0 2014.10.01
- Additional verification of Stop Loss level correctness;
- Refined the function of order deletion in case of spread increase;
- Added re-check of signals in case of broker's server failure;
- ClosePosOnSpread - deletion of open orders in case of spread increase.
Version 3.1 2014.09.08
Fixed a few shortcomings of the previous version.
Version 3.0 2014.07.10
- EA starts working:

- Delete all pending orders before Nonfarm:

- Delete pending orders when spread widens; orders are returned back when the spread becomes tighter:

- Spread value indicator.
Version 2.1 2014.05.07
- Improved slippage function.
- Improved position volume calculation.
Version 2.0 2014.04.23
- The EA runs on the H1 EURUSD chart.
- The EA executes mire deals, than id did in the previous version.
- Trailing Stop UseTrailing has been added - enabled or disabled.
- TrailingStart - profit in points, after which trailing is enabled.
- TrailingStep - step of profit increase, after which trailing moves to the next stage.
- TrailingStop - step of profit fall, after which an order is closed.
- New parameter Slippage - allowed slippage for opening a deal.
- New parameter ZigZagDistance - allowed distance between pending orders.
- Added deletion of all orders on a certain day and time.
- CloseDay - the day when all orders should be closed and deleted.
- CloseHour - the hour when all orders should be closed and deleted.
- CloseMinute - the minute when all orders should be closed and deleted.
- Position volume is calculated based on deposit size (free margin was used in the previous version).