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This is a hybrid trend indicator, as it is based on the signals of two movings. One is shifted relative to the other. Thus, the shift of movings allows you to see a pretty good picture of the points when the price formed its highs / lows. Having the last signal in the form of a point, we will focus on the likely behavior of prices in the future. The indicator is not used as an entry point. The indicator should be read as the direction of the trend and look for entry points using other tools. It should be understood that since moving with a shift to the back is used, the points will appear according to the shift. The ReBars parameter is responsible for the shift, respectively, the larger this parameter, the later the signal will appear.

The indicator uses a color alarm: blue - when changing from descending to ascending, and red - on the contrary, to descending. You can only use the indicator so additional to determine the trend.
Marzipano 2019.10.10 14:00   

you are absolut right,Caseus...


and all the screenshots are "refresh" screenshots and NO live trading charts

zero stars

Caseus 2019.10.10 11:29 

Bad software. It gives no alert, it repaints, signals are changing everytime in the past when using m1-h1. Too bad MQL5 can't refund, don't buy this crap.