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Compact FFMV Dashboard Plus CSM

Compact FFMV Dashboard and Currency Strength Meter (CSM)

Compact FFMV Dashboard is a miniature creation of FULL FOREX MARKET_VIEW Custom indicator created to give the Traders a full view of what is going on in the market but in a partial matter to make it concise. It is useful most especially for those who don't like bogus indicators or those who have a PC with limited screen size.

It uses a real time data to access the market and display every bit of information needed to make a successful trading. It shows as many as 30 currency pairs or as allowed to display in the Market Watch of your


  • For Solo Trading
  • For Basket Trading (See the screenshot on how)
  • For confirmation of signal received from personal trading system
  • For general market analysis to discover if it is safe enough to get into the market


Trend : Must tell us if the trend's direction has been established - Bullish/Bearish Signal display the type of trade we are to expect to take when ready - Sell Now or Buy Now

Impacts: The magnitudes of the currency' movements and volatility as shown below:

Build-up: The currency is just building up Good: The currency is getting serious and gathering trends in a direction

High: This shows that this currency is to be on our attention as something is happening worth of interest

Strong: The direction is getting hot Very strong: This needs to be on our radar for good attentions

Excellent: The peak of the signals telling us that we are good to go

Changes: Must be positive or at least be from 0.00 upward. Must not be negative EXCEPT all other signals agree together for a direction which means that the currency is in a state of RECOVERY, it may be traded

Rates: must be 100% but any currency that rates 60% upward is good enough for a trade Chart has on-chart buttons of all the currency pair

WHAT NEXT? After a trade signal from Dashboard, we must further consider these two factors:

1. Support and Resistance Levels: These are powerful levels that determine if a currency's movement will continue or reverse because these are the areas of great struggles between the Buyers and Sellers Check if the currency concerned is at present at a support or resistance level If it is on any of them, draw a line at the support or resistance level and wait to see if the price will break the level and if it does, then you are good to go but if it didn't, forget about such currency, go back to the dashboard to consider another currency pair

2. Forex News: Forex news must be avoided especially a medium or major impact news on any currency pair. Before entering any trade even after a sure signal from the Dashboard, we must take time to check the News calendar on a Forex News Website. If there is a news on such currency pair, we must drop the currency pair. However, if the news has been released long before you got signal from the Dashboard, that is supposed to be a good trade because it means that the end-resultant effects of the news is working to our favor. Go ahead and trade Aside these two factors, nothing to fear, go straight and place your trade when you get a sure signal from the Dashboard. Just be sure all the Dashboard components agree together as instructed here.

***CSM: Currency Strength Meter is a PORTABLE Currency Strength Meter created to measure/analyze currency strength or weakness and pass the information to the trader through a graphical display of each currency group's strength rates by percentage.

USAGE: To be used in Conjunction with the Dashboard for great results


* Solo trading: CSM can be used for solo trading by analyzing the strength of each group of currency. Take for instance: if USD group is having rates less than 30% and EUR Group is having rates greater than 70% or there about, you can just pick EURUSD for trading since both of them have the currency concerned in the rating. This means you will BUY EURUSD because EUR is stronger than USD at that moment. EUR is generally strong while USD is generally weak. Placing them together is a good idea of trading to get results. There is a good probability that you will always almost get it right without issues.

Getting same signal from both CSM and Dashboard gives major reliable signal to trade (see screenshot for example)

Try with demo to practice it. Wishing you stress-less trading.


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Version 1.1 2019.10.07
New updates: Version 1.1

1. The codes causing excessive logging removed.

2. Whenever there is an higher probability signal, the popup alert comes only once instead of repeated triggering

3. The same with Sound alerts system, it now comes just once per signal

4. Added "pass mark" symbol to the TRADE column in order to clearly distinguish an higher probability signal

5. Directional arrows are applied to the RATES column right side to notify the traders of potential up-signals from 60% upwards. UP arrow for Buy signal forming while DOWN arrow is for Sell signal forming.

More updates on the way based on the users' discovery and comments.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.