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Multicurrency Round Lock EA

The EA opens two multidirectional orders. When one of them is closed in profit, two orders are reopened, the volume of orders increases depending on the animation volume and the number of orders opened by the adviser. In each new open pair, orders are opened with equal volume, locking each other. Opening of pairs continues until the number of orders of one type reaches the number of  Limit_for_Locked_Groups , then the adviser will only increase the grid, excluding locking.

At the moment of closing one of the locked orders or the whole group of available orders, LMR records the profit received, virtually separates the percentage for loss recovery, determined by the trader in the input settings, from it. With this percentage, the adviser partially closes the position, reducing the volume of unprofitable elements, which allows for more active and aggressive trading. The partial closing mode is multicurrency, that is, by closing on one instrument, the EA restores other symbols on which  Multicurrency Round Lock EA is running. Since the volume of opening of groups of orders depends on the number of open orders in the symbol - the system of possible closures does not completely close unprofitable orders, but only to the minimum volume allowed by the broker on the symbol.

Other developments, as well as monitoring the work of advisers - https://www.mql5.com/en/users/nechaevrealle/seller

More information about that product - https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/730708

Input Settings:

  • Limit_for_Locked_Groups - Limit for open lockable pairs, after which the EA will work only in the direction of open orders
  • Lots - Volume of the first open order in the group
  • Multiplier - Multiplier for subsequent orders in the group
  • TakeProfit_in_points - TP in points
  • Magic_Number - Magic for orders (Must be the same for all LMRs and used only on LMRs)
  • Spread_limit_in_points - Maximum spread for opening orders
  • Step_between_average_orders_in_points - Step between orders to open after reaching the maximum number of lockable pairs
  • Allow_overlap_last_and_first_recovery_orders - Use overlapping of the first order with the last
  • Allow_overlap_after_number_of_orders - Use overlapping of the first order with the last after the given number of open orders
  • TrueECN_Type_of_account - Type of account with additional fees for partial closure
  • Min_loss_in_points - Minimum loss in points for orders that need to be restored
  • Percent_of_profit_to_send_for_recovery - Percentage of profit from closing orders, which can be used to recover losses
  • Work_only_on_close_of_candle (From_current_timeframe) - Use work only on closing the candle of the current timeframe
  • Show_panel - Enable panel display
  • Font_size_in_panel - Font size in the EA panel
  • Comment_for_orders - Used order comment
  • New_Cycle - Allow opening new orders after closing the current basket
  • Short_Trades - Allow sending orders of type OP_SELL
  • Long_Trades - Allow sending orders of type OP_BUY

Reviews 1
Andre Gomes
Andre Gomes 2019.11.17 03:41 

I am very happy with the EA so far. I look forward to the potential improvements!

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Andre Gomes
Andre Gomes 2019.11.17 03:41 

I am very happy with the EA so far. I look forward to the potential improvements!

Version 1.10 2019.12.10
- A variable has been added to the input settings for adjusting the volume of opening orders through the panel