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Advanced Dynamic Trading System

Membership includes 2 days per week LIVE Trading and Training session.

Unlock unlimited trading opportunities and discover the most unique yet simple trading system now available for retail traders and investors.

What is ADTS ?

ADTS(Advanced Dynamic Trading System) is not the next modification on well known indicator with some improvements! ADTS is a completely NEW indicator for analysing the markets moves who is able to keep traders always to be on the right side of the price action. No mater witch market you are trading on, Forex, Futures, Stock, Cryptocurrency, ADTS is so adaptive to keep you stay away of trouble. ADTS is so flexible and can be customised to any trading style and would gives you unlimited opportunities to trade on  Any Market Any Time on Any Device

What makes ADTS UNIQUE ?

Unlike any other indicators ADTS does't use any averages, percentage, oversold or overbought levels, MA Crosses or whatever is popular in any integrated or custom indicator you may find in modern trading platform. ADTS uses only pure price action to analyse the market moves and gives exact price levels and trade setups along with the necessary money management capabilities. The  ADTS "Auto mode" witch is suitable for most traders, analyse the price action of 4,000 bars ago and  gives you the best technical analysis and money management together, in one simple, easy to read and understand indicator. Experienced traders on the other hand can easily customise ADTS  and unlock new, unlimited trade setups for maximising their profits or build portfolios.

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