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Forex Gump EA Professional

Forex Gump EA Professional is a ready-made automated trading system that works according to the algorithm of the popular ForexGumpUltra indicator. For the robot does not need any indicators, including ForexGumpUltra. The robot performs all the calculations inside its code. The robot was developed for the GBPUSD currency pair and a cent or micro account (quotes have five characters after the period). Therefore, all default settings work for this currency pair. For other currency pairs, you need to select other settings. Although potentially the robot can trade on all currency pairs. An automatic robot basically uses three indicators to receive signals: ForexGumpUltra, Scalping Drummer and standard RSi. The robot analyzes the signals of three indicators, determines the most effective points for opening orders and pending pending orders in these places in both directions. After the order is triggered to one of the parties, the robot continues to accompany it until profit or loss. The robot controls the loss automatically with the help of the optimization module. After receiving a loss, the robot analyzes the situation in which the loss has occurred and opens the following orders, taking into account the information received. That is, the robot simulates the behavior of a neural network. He automatically learns in unstable sections of the price movement in order to work on them in the future, taking into account special adaptation algorithms.

IMPORTANT! I once again draw attention to the fact that this robot does not scold every day. Therefore, in order to test it in real time, it takes about 7-10 days. Only after that you will get the first results. It is best to place the robot on a VPS server so that it can trade around the clock. The principle of the robot is such that if you added it to the chart, in no case should you interrupt its work. You cannot reinstall or reboot. The robot works on the principle of signal accumulation. That is, the signal storage is indicated in the robot settings. As soon as the required number of signals accumulates, the robot opens and accompanies the transaction. If you restart the terminal, the robot starts to accumulate data again and count a new cycle. The robot must work constantly!

What changes are made to the parameters of the robot:

  • norm - this parameter indicates the rounding of the price channel to a certain value. We recommend that for currency pairs that have five digits after the point in quotes, leave this default value. For example, for the GBPUSD currency pair, we recommend leaving the value 5, which is the default.
  • Accumulation - this option was added due to the fact that some traders began to say that the robot does not open deals. Opening deals, their accuracy and quantity directly depend on this parameter. We will try to explain. Accumulation is a signal accumulation parameter for opening a deal. In other words, the larger this value, the more the robot needs to collect confirmation signals to open an order. Accordingly, if we set Accumulation = 2, then the robot will begin to open many trading orders. But the accuracy of the signals will be minimal and, accordingly, the robot will most likely show poor results. If we set Accumulation = 16, then the robot needs to collect 16 confirmation signals to open a deal. The robot will start opening trades less frequently. Perhaps not even every day, and sometimes once a week. But the accuracy of such signals will be higher and, accordingly, the effectiveness of trading results will be greater. You can experiment with this parameter to configure the robot for the most effective trading.

Recommendations for trading:

  • leave the default settings.
  • timeframe choose M5, M15, M30, H1, H4.
  • currency pair GBPUSD.
  • type of account: cent. Quotes with five signs after the period.
  • spread up to 10 points.

Forex Gump EA Professional Robot Settings and Parameters:

  • StopLoss - stop loss for open orders.
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit for open orders.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop. It is indicated in points.
  • Accumulation - the number of signals to open a deal.

Naweed Nawaz
Naweed Nawaz 2019.11.11 13:44   

i also rented ... not a single order it placed.. its a scam...

John 2019.10.07 00:49 

Excelent backtesting , and hinest review 3 months later

정현석 2019.10.03 11:58   

Why ea make only buy

Never make sell

Please chech it plase~~~

Govt Jobs
Govt Jobs 2019.09.24 04:37   

please Don't Buy Or Rent Its Not Working EA Don't Loss your Money i can ASking Refund Amount

uchimi 2019.09.23 16:40   

Backtesting has a lot of trade every day.


In fact, this EA never trades in 28 currencies.

Fraud EA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a scam!

I reported fraud to MQL5 support.

Version 2.0 2019.09.25
Changed transaction opening algorithm.
New parameters for the analysis and tuning of the robot have been introduced.