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CCFp MOB for MT4 Retina

Layout modified version for high-resolution displays!

CCFp (Complex_Common_Frames percent) is a measure of currency strength.
Shows the total rate of change of “short-term moving average” and “long-term moving average” for each currency.
Supports eight major currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, CHF, GBP, AUD, CAD and NZD.

2). Displays the currency name at the right end of the graph.

3). You can change the display color of each currency.

4). Moving average smoothing type (ENUM_MA_METHOD) can be selected.

5). Price constant (ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE) can be changed.

6). You can change the Fast moving average period.

7). You can change the Slow moving average period.

8). The coefficient can be changed for each Period.

9). Various information of CCFp can be displayed on the right side of the chart.
-a) Short-term (Fast) rate of change of each currency
-b) The above values ​​are displayed as strength meters
-c) Displays the maximum and minimum pairs of all 28 currency pairs
-d) CCFp cross for each currency is clearly indicated for each bar
-e) Specify CCFp LebelLine cross for each currency for each bar
-f) Clarify changes in the trend of each currency for each bar
g) Display the strongest (buy) and weakest (sell) currency pairs for each bar

10). 9)- d), -e), -f) and -g)  can be displayed in the message window.

11). Sound effect is possible.

***The currency pair on the chart requires all 28 Symbols to be selected.

***It is recommended to use Period that is smaller than Week.

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