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This robot measures the rate of change of moving average, and opening trades in the direction of rapid movement MA. It uses a very tight SL and TrailingSL so you can trade large volumes.

It is recommended to operate with ECN broker with the spread into 1 pips and fast execution with minimal slip. It is able to achieve good results also in other currency pairs, indices and commodities. For testing use the data quality at least 90%

The default setting is for TF M5.


  • ReverseTrading - true= turns trading in the opposite direction
  • MA_period - setting MA averaging period
  • MA_price - setting applied price
  • MA_method - setting averaging method
  • MA_TimeFrame - timeframe for calculation MA
  • StartTrading - start trading in format HH:MM or HH
  • EndTrading - end trading in format HH:MM or HH
  • MaxSpread - trade will not be opened when the spread is greater
  • Opening speed - MA speed in one direction (points per 2 seconds)
  • Lots - trade volume
  • AutoLot by SL, Risk % - Calculates the volume of trade according to the set SL and here set risk% of account balance.
  • TP points - TakeProfit
  • SL points - StopLoss
  • SL on entry - move SL to opening price when in the profit in points
  • TP on entry - move TP to opening price when in the loss in points
  • Entry plus points - it is used together with the function move SL or move TP
  • TrailingSL_Start - begin TrailingSL function in this profit in points
  • TrailingSL - trailing StopLoss
  • TrailingSL Step - moving step TrailingSL
  • Close half - closes half of the trade in profit
  • Magic - identification number of this EA
  • comment - text description of trades
InnaGer 2019.09.30 19:44   

купил этого роботаю уже 2 недели работает в убытокб написал разработчику-молчит. Я остался не доволен потраченными 300$!!