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Umdria Gap Indicator PRO

Have you ever had problems with gaps? Than this indicator is for you! If you never had problems with gaps, the Umdria Gap Indicator PRO still can be useful for you. It can help you determine the quality of the currency pair; the more gaps there are the harder it can be to trade the given currency pair. In this PRO version there are many tools that can help you, for example filter option, Alert and Send Notification options.


  • Pro: Filter indicator data based on gap size
  • Pro: Direction of the gap is shown
  • Pro: Alert when new gap occurs
  • Pro: Send Notification when new gap occurs.
  • High-Low and Close-Open Gaps
  • Shows even the smallest gaps
  • Exponential Moving Average on the Indicator
  • No repaint
  • Built in Help File
What is a gap?
Gaps are areas on a chart where the price of a currency pair moves rapidly up or down with no trading in between. The classic gaps are the ones when the gap is between the High and the Low prices of adjacent candles. Multiple events can cause gaps for example: closed markets, data errors, rapid price movements at news, etc.

This Indicator is designed to show you every gap on the chart, even the small ones that are hard to find manually. It can also show you the Close-Open gaps, the gaps that can occur at the opening of the new candle.


  • Pro: Use_Absolute_Values: Selects whether the direction is shown too, or only the size
  • Pro: Ignore_Level: Sets the minimum value to be shown by the indicator
  • Pro: Send_Alert: Turns Alert on/off
  • Pro: Send_Notification: Turns Push Notifications on/off
  • Mode: Selects the High-Low or Close-Open mode
  • MA_Period: Sets the EMA's period value
  • Show_Help_on_Startup: Turn on or off the built in help

This Indicator is member of the SEA (Symbol Excellence Analyzers) product series.

About the Author:

Zsolt 'DragonSoul' Mosonyi; programmer, web developer and blogger with many years of experience in MQL programming language.

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