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CyberZingFx RSI

Custom Relative Strength Indicator with multiple timeframe selection

About RSI

The relative strength index is a technical indicator used in the analysis of financial markets. It is intended to chart the current and historical strength or weakness of a stock or market based on the closing prices of a recent trading period.

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Indicator gives alert when reached oversold or overbought levels

Gives dot indication while reaching levels.

Can set indicator bar alert intervals for alerts

Can choose needed timeframe. So you can see other timeframe RSI values in your chart.

Important :- Do not relay fully on this indicator while trading. Use with other indicators like CyberZingFx Trend Reversal for confirmation and trade

sunnychow 2019.11.06 14:45 

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farzad raufinejad
farzad raufinejad 2019.10.23 16:39 

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philippe germain
philippe germain 2019.08.21 09:49 

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Version 1.2 2020.01.15
critical periodic update
Version 1.1 2019.08.17
Fixed code error due to strict property