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BaseAnalyse Trend

Dream indicator

Remember how you dreamed of finding an indicator that would analyze the trend and allow you to trade without an uncountable number of lines for analysis. An indicator that easily allows you to decide which way the market is going. Imagine that you have already found an indicator that will allow you to improve your trading and close the trend issue once and for all.

Simple and powerful

This indicator is built to analyze any markets and has been tested for your convenience. It contains only two values, while inside it has a calculation of a complex system of interrelated parameters.

Solution for you

This indicator was created specifically for you to solve the problem of finding a trend once and for all.
On a pair of eurUsd m1 standard parameters will separate the trend of purchases and sales. And for your convenience, another BaseAnalyse2 product has been uploaded

Trading system: trade in trend with fast signals BaseAnalyse 2 (by default), and you can be proud of your work!

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