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Nic Levels

This is a tool for making chart layouts. It displays the level breakout and direction.

The product is optimized for four- and five-digit quotes (the fifth decimal place is ignored).

It is fast. It does not generate unnecessary objects that fall outside the screen boundaries. Also, it deletes its own objects that are no longer visible without leaving any waste. The indicator can work in the strategy tester.


  • Price level - one or two last price digits.
  • Line color - line color.
Note: If there are no incoming quotes (for example, at the weekend) and you have attached the indicator to a chart, it will not be visible. Select Refresh in Charts menu. It is recommended that you apply the indicator during the active market hours or use it in the strategy tester.
Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 14:45 

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2014.07.06 02:24 

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