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Scalper Boss EA Free

This product is a free version of the same name advisers for MT4 and MT5A fully automated scalper adviser based on a strategy of breaking through price levels. The EA does not use indicators, each entry point is calculated using an advanced input filter based on the analysis of the movement of the price chart. All trading positions are controlled by a tight hidden stop order, which minimizes the trading drawdown and ensures the safety of the deposit. Profit taking is carried out using a dynamic stepwise algorithm that allows you to capture the maximum profit. The EA allows you to select both a fixed trading lot and use an autolot determined on the basis of the maximum allowable drawdown per trade specified in the settings. For best trading results, it is recommended to use VPS and use the services of a trusted ECN broker with a narrow spread and fast execution of orders.

Optimized for trading the  EURUSD  M15.


  • Ready to go without any particular setup.
  • Dynamic profit taking algorithm.
  • Low trading drawdown.
  • Minimum starting deposit is  $100.
  • Account type -  any.
  • Works best on  EURUSD M15.


    • Trade - trade settings.
    • StopLoss - StopLoss value in pips. If  0 - calculated and set by the EA.
    • TakeProfit TakeProfit value in pips. If  0 - calculated and set by the EA.
    • Time Trade - trading time settings.
    • StartHour - trading start hour.
    • StopHour - trading end hour.
    • Max_Spread - maximum allowed spread size for opening positions, in points.
    • Close_Day_Trade - enable/disable forced closure of positions at the end of the trading day.

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    Version 2.0 2019.08.06
    Added input parameter Close_Day_Trade.