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Index Pro MT5

Want to analyze Dollar Index, Gold or the Japanese Yen index? No problem!

iIndex is a professional tool for drawing the chart of any asset (currency, metal) traded against USD.

Here are just some of the advantages of the indicator:

  1. Any chart type (bars, candlestick, line chart). Automatic selection of color for major currencies.
  2. A customizable formula for calculating the USD index, including an indication of the list of symbols and appropriate weight coefficients.
  3. Applying charts one over another without being tied to a single scale (you can compare "incomparable" things).
  4. An absolutely accurate drawing without redrawing and "peeping into the future" using only synchronized prices.
  5. Working with non-standard symbol names (with prefixes and suffixes).
  6. Preloading of the required history quotes, specification of calculation depth for saving resources.
  7. No limits for your imagination!


1 Appearance Is Important

Use a common chart view, instead of being limited to closing prices only.

All three types of display (bars, candlesticks, line) can be configured - 2 colors and thickness available.


2. Calculate the Way You Like

You are to decide what formula for calculating the dollar index to use.

Make up a portfolio of symbols and assign individual weight coefficients to them.

Experiment and create your own index!


3. Compare the Incomparable

If you were to chart the price of gold and the price of potatoes using the same scale, it would look not very good.

But who knows, maybe their prices are correlated. ;)

iIndex can be applied one over other, and each of them has its own scale, which means you will can compare the incomparable! 


4. Only Truth, No (Self)Deception

Why analyze the schedule if after 5 minutes it will show a different picture?

Why look at history, if it is corrected at the next restart of the terminal?

That's right, it's useless View and analyze iIndex; it uses only synchronized prices of all symbols, and does not change after restart.


5. Flexibility

Does your favorite broker use the name of his cat as a prefix to symbol names? This is not a problem, iIndex loves pets :)

Also, it does not matter whether history has been downloaded on your terminal, and how powerful you have a computer - iIndex will efficiently calculate the amount of history required for analysis and will download the required data.


Less Talk, More Action

Download the free demo of the indicator and see how it draws an index of the British Pound (GBP). Try the indicator in the tester and watch the other currencies.

You cannot apply indexes one over other there, but you can see all its functions. 

When you're ready, come back and purchase the full version, iIndex is waiting for you :)

Oleksandr Medviediev
Oleksandr Medviediev 2014.09.30 16:44 

Исключительно полезный индикатор, в ТОП-5 в моем личном активе, автору респект.

Version 4.7 2018.10.17
- Simplifier redraw algorithm + manual refresh button