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KopirMT5 Full

KopirMT5 (CopierMT5) - trade copier for MetaTrader 5 terminal, copies (synchronizes, duplicates) trades from hedge accounts (copier, copy dealers). 

Note: For correct operation you need at least two terminals on one PC/VPS. The first for accounts with which dynamics of copy (Server), and the second for accounts on which will copy (Client). 
Please note that this version is intended for copying between MT5 terminals. MT4 this version does not support!

Why our product?
  • The copier has a high speed and does not depend on ticks. The speed of copying is less than 0.5 sec.
  • Transactions are copied with high accuracy, the "scalper" mode allows you to copy only at the best price.
  • Can increase the volume of trades from Signals
  • Does not lose position when the connection is lost or the terminal is restarted.
  • Does not load the processor and does not have a heavy load on the PC or VPS.
  • The number of terminals (server\client) is not limited.
  • Does not use DLL and does not transfer data to the Internet.
  • It can work with other expert advisors (experts) and scripts.
  • It works correctly with partial closing, without loss of spread on reopening.
  • It works correctly with cross rates, metals, CFDs, stocks and futures, as well as on instruments with prefixes (automatic prefix detection).
  • Recognize differences in the name of the metals and supports copying of them (XAUUSD <-> GOLD, XAGUSD <-> SILVER and others, you can configure any of the scheme).
  • Allows you to organize any copy scheme from one account or several.
  • We provide information support and are ready to implement the configuration under the key.
  • We are ready to listen to the opinion of our customers and implement the necessary functions to make our product even better.
  • Features will be added similar to our KopirMT4 product.  
The basic configuration of the copier
Instructions for the Market:

Setup on master account (server)
Install the purchased product on any schedule in one copy. Leave the default settings.
Allow the EA to trade in the settings and enable the Auto-trade button in the terminal.
Configuration on the client

Install the purchased product on any schedule in one copy .
Set the mode parameter to Client mode
Specify the server account number (if there are several servers, you can specify them separated by commas) in the server accounts field
Set the lot multiplier to lot multiplier, default is 1
Allow the EA to trade in the settings and enable the Auto-trade button in the terminal.

Basic setting
  • Mode – the role of the instance of the Server – mode of operation as the master account (the disclosing party). Client – mode of operation as a client. (host.) 
  • Server accounts – a comma-separated list of account numbers from which we copy.
  • Lot multiplier – lot multiplier. 1 = 100% of the server lot.
  • Filter slippage – entry accuracy as the ratio of the spread or the points.
A more complete list of current settings and a description of them in our blog. https://www.mql5.com/en/users/dken/blog
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Version 1.55 2019.11.18
- fixed the mechanism for data exchange.
- fixed the mechanism of determining the closed market.
Version 1.54 2019.11.15
- by mistake version 1.53 was downloaded Free C limitation. This version is unlimited.
Version 1.53 2019.11.11
- ребрендинг, обновлена иконка
Version 1.52 2019.11.11
- added support for symbols with spaces in the name, such as "Volatility 75 Index"
- the free version copies only one symbol
Version 1.51 2019.10.10
-исправление ошибки мониторинга закрытой позиции
Version 1.5 2019.10.10
big update of functionality with similar functionality KopirMT4
- filters
- your stop loss and take profit
- shift stop loss and take profit
- reverse and scalper
- indent
- autolot
- copy limit and pending orders with shutdown
Version 1.2 2019.10.10
- накопительное исправление ошибок
Version 1.1 2019.07.19
- доработка для копирования инструментов заканчивающихся на символ !