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Identify Trend PRO

              The Identify Trend PRO indicator is an advanced version of the popular Identify Trend indicator.   The Identify Trend PRO indicator uses four different averaging algorithms (developed by the author) that, together with cluster filtering supplementing them (cluster multicurrency analysis is used to more reliably identify flat sections), provides optimal filtering of false signals .             

              The Identify Trend PRO indicator, as well as the Identify Trend, allows you to very accurately and, most importantly, with a small delay set the optimal entry points for the positions, as well as the beginning of the true trend movement and transitions from trend to flat and from flat to trend, which can be It is used both for trading on scalper strategies and for using long-term trading strategies.

              The following three more promising averaging algorithms are used in the Identify Trend PRO indicator

   1)  XC=XF - XS + SMMA

   2)  XF=<x/SMMA>*SMMA

   3)  XS=<x*SMMA>/SMMA,

   4)  XM=<Max({x})+Min({x})>/2,

where x is the points of history, <...> - is the averaging procedure, the algorithms of which are presented in detail in the last screenshot. 

              Indicator readings are visual, extremely simple and do not require comments. The blue line of the indicator marks an uptrend, the golden line is flat, and the red line is the downward trend. Accordingly, entry points for Buy, when the red or gold line is replaced by blue, and for Sell - on the contrary, when the blue line or gold line is replaced by red. 

              Possible moments of a change in the direction of price movement are also marked by arrows, which are never redrawn under any circumstances.

              The indicator has all kinds of alerts. The alert is activated when the indicator indications (for the trend direction) coincide on the last two bars.

             For affluent clients, there is a more functional professional version of the Identify Trend ELITE indicator.


Indicator settings.  

  • Price type  - applied price. Values: Close price, Open price (default), High price, Low price, Median price  ((high + low)/2), Typical price ((high + low + close)/3),    Weighted  price  ((high + low + 2*close)/4).
  • The averaging method   -   Values:  XC=XF - XS + SMMA (default), XF=<x/SMMA>*SMMA, XS=<x*SMMA>/SMMA, XM=<(Max({x})+Min({x})>/2.
  • The averaging period    -   averaging period. Values: any integer   (3 default).
  • The display method.  Values: Show only arrows (default), Show lines and arrows, Show only lines.
  • Line (arrows) thickness.  Values: any integer   (2 default).
  • Trend DOWN line color=Red 
  • Trend UP line color= Aqua 
  • FLAT line   color=Gold  
  • Trend DOWN arrow color=Magenta 
  • Trend UP arrow color=Lime 
  • The Signal method -  Type of trading signal alert. Values:  No, Send alert, Print (in expert), Comment (in chart), Sound + Print, Sound + Comment, Sound, Push + Comment, Push,  Mail + Comment, Mail.

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Version 2.0 2019.11.15
1. Improved flat calculation algorithm, which is now considered for any averaging period.
2. Added arrows showing the moments of the change in the direction of the trend.
3. Three modes of visual display of information are made:
3.1) Only arrows showing the immediate direction of price movement and the moments of the trend change.
3.2) Averaged lines of price movement and arrows of the moments of a change in the direction of the trend.
3.3) Only the middle lines of price movement (as in the earlier version).