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Volume by Price Lite MT4

The ' Volume by Price Lite ' indicator is a data visualization tool used to display the complex relations between volume, price and time in various easy to interpret forms. Types of charts include change over time, part-to-whole, correlation, and distribution along with labels to indicate the scale and scope of data displayed.

The approach is to show high-level charts for the casual user, and more in-depth and segmented by going further with advanced custom use case settings and combinations. It also provides custom styling by attributes such as color, size, area etc. in ways that suit the user’s needs and context.

' Volume by Price ' is versatile and can identify key levels and ranges with charting techniques such as Volume Profiles and Market Profiles along with Supply and Demand Zones, Volume Weighted Average Price and Average Daily Range.

Available for MetaTrader 4 and 5 in three editions ranging in price from $39.95 to $199.95. The Lite edition is for casual users on budget. Limited functionality. Load one indicator ("instance") per chart and five profiles per instance.

Compare editions at ►volumebyprice.com/compare

More info at ►volumebyprice.com/introduction and ►user manual

Main features

  • Volume profiles and Market profiles (TPO Time Price Opportunity)
  • Versatile graphical and analytical functions. Thorough Volume Price Analysis (VPA)
  • Data of selected or all available time frames. Multi-timeframe
  • Multiple profiles on the same chart
  • Highlight Value Area High/Low (VAH/VAL) and High/Low Volume Nodes (HVN/LVN) with adjustable algorithm
  • Identify multiple Volume Points of Control (VPOC)
  • Shows additional information of volume over time as bubble chart or vertical histogram
  • Multiple volume delta visualization methods
  • Split single Market profiles with mouse click
  • Control keys to toggle display of profiles and selection tools
  • Extensible environment. Includes Average Daily Range (ADR), Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and Supply Demand Zones
  • Create profiles by Drag & Drop
  • Detailed user manual with examples

Included Studies, Benchmarks and Models

  • Volume Profile - Histogram
  • Volume Profile - Line Graph
  • Market Profile - Letter-Based
  • Market Profile - Block-Based
  • Supply & Demand Zones
  • Volume Weighted Average Price
  • Average Daily Range

For additional features see the Standard or Pro edition.

Most examples shown are setups with more than one indicator ("instance") loaded per chart, please note that the Lite edition can load only one instance per chart. To recreate such examples with the Lite edition each instance must be loaded on a separate chart.

    ^ "Market Profile" is a charting technique by J. Peter Steidlmayer.
    ^ "Volume by Price" VBP is also known as "Volume at Price" VAP, "Volume on Price" VOP, "Volume per Price" VPP, "Price by Volume" PBV, "Price at Volume" PAV, "Price on Volume" POV, and "Price per Volume" PPV.
    jaya thilaka
    jaya thilaka 2019.09.13 21:48 

    introduction video fake,,it;s not this indicator,,This guy is cheating people and selling it

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