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FindInsideBars with Alerts

This indicator watches for the Price Action Inside Bar pattern, marks the current signal bar, displays levels for pending orders based on the prices of the mother bar and alerts you when the pattern is identified.

An inside bar is a bar that is completely contained within the range of the preceding bar. In other words, it is a bar whose high is lower than that of the preceding bar and whose low is higher than the preceding bar's low.

The bar preceding the inside bar is known as the "mother bar".

As a trading setup, the mother bar and the inside bar are considered a single pattern. This is a two-way pattern. It can also serve as a reversal pattern.

The indicator has eight external parameters:

  • DrawGraphic - whether to provide a graphic representation of the pattern.
  • Color of Long pattern- long pattern color.
  • Color of Short pattern- short pattern color.
  • Fill or Frame pattern - whether to fill the pattern with a color or outline it.
  • Width of the frame pattern - border size.
  • Use Alerts - gives alert when the pattern is identified.
  • Send Push-notifications - send push-messages about the found pattern.
  • Send mail - send e-mail about the found pattern.
pnutfx503 2018.05.23 13:22 

easy to use

Version 1.2 2014.05.06
Added Mail and Push messages.