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Infinity TradeUtility PZ

The Utility for managing orders in manual/semi-automatic/automatic modes by INFINITY ProfitZone  indicator signals:


My other FX tools: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/neurofx/seller

To test the demo version, switch the "Trade Mode" to the "AUTO" mode.


1. The utility requires a purchased version of the INFINITY ProfitZone indicator (located in the Indicators/Market folder).

2. You should add the indicator and utility to the chart and set the same parameters of the indicator and utility.

3. In the utility settings, select the priority of the TakeProfit and StopLoss levels (Indicator Setting or TradeUtility Setting).  In the "TradeUtility" setting priority mode  the target levels SL and TP will be achieved according to the selected in the utility settings, but the chart will display the indicator levels. The utility can trade without attaching the main indicator to the chart, but when selecting the default indicator parameters, it will refer to the Infinity ProfitZone indicator (with its basic settings) available in the Indicators/Market folder. Therefore, we recommend that you always apply individual indicator and utility settings for each chart and save them with the extension *.set

4. In manual mode (MANUAL), the utility does not perform trading operations on its own, but notifies by available means (Alert/Push/email) about a new indicator signal, after which the user makes an independent decision to support the signal ( push the "Confirm Signal" button) or reject it (push the "Skip Signal" button). In default setting you can do this only during the current bar on which the signal was received. However, when activating the "Close the deal at the opposite signal" flag, the activation of the deal is available at any time at the worst or best price.

5. In semi-automatic mode (Semi Auto), the user can choose the direction for the next transaction (OnlySELL/ANY/OnlyBUY). If you select SELL or BUY, the automatic entry will be made only when the corresponding indicator signal is received. Any signal received will be executed in ANY mode. After entering the trade and automatical placing the target levels, the utility will switch to manual mode. To reactivate the semi-automatic mode, press the "SemiAuto" key.

6. In automatic mode, the utility will log in and out of the trade as a regular Expert. Meanwhile, the user can switch to another mode at any time.

7. Trades opened in any of the three modes are not deleted when switching from one mode to another, but can be simultaneously removed with the fixation of the trade result by pressing the CloseALL button. The user can also remove the utility from the chart by pressing EXIT.

IMPORTANT!!! Do not change the timeframe of the chart during the operation of the Utility and open trades in particular, as this will lead to a failure in the synchronous operation of the indicator and the utility. For a preliminary analysis of the trading situation, use a free chart with an indicator (without the utility). Test the utility on a demo account for a few days before you start trading on a real account. We are not responsible for any losses in any way related to our products. We do not guarantee the receipt of profit as well. The User is takes all risks of financial loss of the Deposit.

The current version of INFINITY TradeUtility PZ works only with the indicator INFINITY ProfitZone and is a Beto version, all errors in the utility immediately report to  infinitycamp@yahoo.com (screenshots and log file of the expert should be attached). We will do everything to correct any errors as soon as possible.

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11877144 2020.07.30 09:37   

Я не советую покупать эту утилиту и индикатор без которого не работает эта утилита. За 2ое суток они в паре не открыли ни одной сделки,и индикатор неправильно показывает сигналы. Вобщем если не хотите слить депозит лучше не берите. Они не работают либо работают но в минус вам.

mrkaib 2020.03.11 21:04   

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 2.3 2020.09.10
Added the HTF filter function
Version 1.3 2020.02.10
- Trade panel became movable
- Added "Movement of Breakeven upon reaching the TP1" parameter (breakeven change to TP1 when reaching TP2)
Version 1.2 2019.10.23
fixed a bug
Version 1.1 2019.06.17
Aded the flag: "Use Open/Close Time Filter"
Fixed some bugs