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Dynamic POC MT4

The indicator calculates volume profiles dynamically and displays the result as VAL, VAH and POC curves.

Indicator features

The indicator uses the historical data of the lower (relative to the current) timeframes for calculations:

  • M1 - for timeframes up to H1,
  • M5 - for timeframe H1,
  • M15 - for timeframe H4,
  • H1 - for timeframe D1,
  • H4 - for timeframe W1,
  • D1 - for timeframe MN.

The color of the DPOC curve sections is determined by comparing the volume of the POC levels of all profiles that make up this curve.

The full recalculation indicator performs every five seconds, as well as on every tenth tick, starting from the start of the indicator or from the change of the current timeframe.

Input variables

  • ProfileDuration - the length of the base profile, is set in candles, if the value is zero then the length is assigned automatically depending on the current timeframe:
    • M1 - 15 candles (15 minutes),
    • M5 - 12 candles (1 hour),
    • M15 - 16 candles (4 hours),
    • M30 - 16 candles (8 hours),
    • H1 - 24 candles (1 day),
    • H4 - 30 candles (1 week),
    • D1 - 22 candles (1 month),
    • W1 - 13 candles (1 quarter),
    • MN - 12 candles (1 year).
  • ProfileStepPoint - fixed clustering step of the base profile, is set in points of the trading symbol.
  • ProfileStepPointPix - dynamic clustering step of the base profile, is set in monitor pixels.
  • ProfilePriceArea - profile price area in percents.
  • AreaType - price area calculation method:
    • OfPocND - normal distribution relative to the POC level.
    • OfTotalVolume - distribution based on the amount of volume traded in the profile.
  • VolumeType - type of volumes used in the calculations:
    • Tick - tick volumes.
    • Real - real volumes, if broadcasted by the broker.
    • Without - ignore volumes, calculation according to the TPO principle, but based on lower timeframe.
  • BarsLimit - limiting the number of candles in the area of which the DPOC curve will be built.
  • VALColor - color for the VAL curve.
  • VAHColor - color for the VAH curve.
  • LowestPocColor, LowPocColor, MiddlePocColor, MediumPocColor, HighPocColor, HighestPocColor - group variables determining the color plots of the curve DPOC, depending on the volume value.

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Version 1.1 2019.06.13
Using the input variable BeginTime it is possible to set the starting date/time for buildings.