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Candlestick patterns are certainly among the most loved and trusted technical tools. In the same time, they are very easy to spot for a trained eye, yet having an indicator plot them all on the chart is a great time saver to any full time trader. Our candlestick pattern detector is able to accurately identify the most common candlestick patterns, such as the Hammer, Inverted Hammer, Shooting Star, Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Candles (and their 3-candle equivalent the Three Inside Up and Three
30 USD
This is the one and only chart pattern indicator you need in your MT4 arsenal to for detection, showcasing and alerting for the following well-known chart patterns: Bullish Flag Bearish Flag Bullish Pennant Bearish Pennant Bullish Cup With Handle Bearish Cup With Handle Bullish Ascending Triangle Bearish Descending Triangle Bullish Symmetrical Triangle Bearish Symmetrical Triangle Bullish Measured Move Up Bearish Measured Move Down Bullish Ascending Scallop Bearish Descending Scallop Bullish 3
30 USD
This Premium One Click Trader allows you to quickly open, close and manage your orders as fast and easy as clicking a button. If you want, you can leave the confirmation mode on, and you'll need to answer a confirmation Yes/No question each time you perform a trading operation, However, this Premium OCT can be pre-set to have any type of SL or TP, can be used with all types of pending orders also, has an OCO mode (one cancels the other) for straddle trading strategy (both a BUY and a SELL at th
149 USD