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MaxiFinishTrend Free

This version of MaxiFinishTrend 2 gives you a free indicator service [link], but without giving trading signals. The unique author TrendLine is drawn (and customizable) * , but without paint in BUY and SELL colors and without show Arrows. Who understands the market movement by my fast stochastics (see [ CodeBase]), it can trade very effectively using the free version.

If you have no desire to sit near a computer, understand all and think a lot, buy MaxiFinishTrend 2. He will "think" for you and say when and what orders to open and close. And will send you messages on your smartphone.

   In this free version (and in pay):

  • -The signals of "Take Profit" and "Stop Loss" are given by all means.
  • -Works scanner, creating new charts, automatic Template and protection.
  • -Colored lines of fast stochastics M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 are drawn for any period of the chart.
  • -Your orders are shown on all timeframe charts.
  • -* Draw colored lines of support and resistance.
  • -* Draw "PikLineBUY" and "PikLineSELL" (as it were, the last half ZigZag).
  • -* The current size of the free "Lots" and the price of the lot in dollars in your account are calculated.
  • -The total profit of your orders on the chart symbol is shown.
  • -The recommended Take Profit is calculated after opening an order.
  • -Shows the current Volume[0], TICK VALUE and SPREAD of your broker in the current time.

    * These options are only for the USDCHF in Free version.

    The indicator  shows up to 32 of your last closed orders and  all open. So, today, turning on the computer, you will see the orders left earlier. The indicator will serve them and give CLOSE signals (pay version) that are optimal in today's environment!  The indicator does everything for your success! 

The indicator will show when it is better to buy and sell stocks, metals, commodities ...

More information about the indicator and settings can be found in the description of MaxiFinishTrend 2. For convenience, you can save a page with a description to your computer (in the browser click "save") to read without Internet.

   You can evaluate the convenience and functionality of the indicator before buying the full version. Her description read the link [MaxiFinishTrend 2]. At this link you can download Free-Demo version and see the work of the paid indicator in Tester.

Free download "MaxiFinishTrend 2. USER MANUAL.PDF .EN".  "MaxiFinishTrend 2. USER MANUAL.PDF .RU".

See video-test MaxiFinishTrend 2 м1 below, tests м15 and h1 (click avatar on video).

Please read [Comments].

The indicator works on 4 and 5 digits MT4, at any Screen DPI  monitors, on all periods and symbols of Forex.

The author was not too lazy to work to give you this indicator for free. I hope you do not be lazy after downloading click at the top [Reviews] and to evaluate. This will be your "thank you" to the author.

Below are the screenshots and video of the paid indicator.

fxgehad 2019.12.18 02:00 


Tiberio_ 2019.08.04 19:13 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

forextehnik 2019.07.21 14:31 

все хорошо работает

Solnze987 2019.07.21 08:28 

Здравствуйте.скачала индикатор. сначала недели попробую.Благодарю за вашу работу.

David Lehnhardt
David Lehnhardt 2019.07.18 00:00 

denke mal das der indikator ganz gut ist.

omri shmuel
omri shmuel 2019.07.16 08:31 

ty for indicator

mrrobert024 2019.06.27 07:52 

Very good signals. Excellent thank you very much,. What a god send.

Ivan Marais
Ivan Marais 2019.06.13 22:29 

Thanks! Looks very promising and love the creation of new chart by clicking on the symbol

sunnychow 2019.06.05 18:27 

thanks for shares

ZUDOV.1969 2019.06.04 18:36 

Здравствуйте. Загрузил ваш индикатор , понравился. Работаю по нему. Но, не всё понятно с ним. Надеюсь , что разберусь. Очень , удобная функция! Когда говорит! Если в плюс , то ещё тем более. Остался доволен ! А где , можно посмотреть информацию о боковых окнах!? И какие ещё , есть функции у него!? Во бще! Понравилось! Цвет конечно, надо постоянно ставить. Но, трамвай не виноват , что нам цвет не нравится. Хорошо. Если можно , то где настройки посмотреть! И про окна !? zudov.1969@mail.ru

Version 20.11 2019.12.05
In the new Free version 20.11, due to the update of the Terminal MT4 build 1220, improvements are added Paid MaxiFinishTrend 2 for equivalence. Update for the free indicator to work properly.
Version 20.0 2019.11.11
The new Free version 20.0 adds all improvements paid MaxiFinishTrend 2 ($ 26) for equivalence. Update for the free indicator to work properly. Updated USER MANUAL - download everything new for free at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/38945.
Version 19.9 2019.08.01
In the new version 19.9 of the FREE indicator there are no restrictions on drawing the lines specified in the description.
Version 19.8 2019.07.04
The best algorithm for drawing trend lines.
Version 19.7 2019.06.26
Version 19.7. Without this update, the indicator may not work correctly!
Version 19.6 2019.06.09
Улучшены цвета.