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The HORNET automated trading advisor was designed to work with the EURUSD pair, but with proper optimization it works successfully on many other currency pairs. The algorithm of work is based on several precise strategies, such as: regression channels on several timeframes, Price Action patterns, following the medium-term trend. The use of several filters, such as: control of the average daily deviation, reversible patterns on higher timeframes, determining the medium-term trend, allows you to reduce the number of false signals and get an average of 85% of profitable trades. Instead of the classic settings in points, some parameters use coefficients that allow the advisor to automatically adjust to the current market. The input parameters of the expert are divided into logical blocks and the names are intuitive to users.


The primary entry is carried out in case of a Price Action candlestick pattern, in the direction of the current trend and price position relative to the regression lines of the selected time frames. Entry may be denied ( Daily   Filter ) in the days of high volatility.

Lot size can be fixed ( Lot Fix Size ) or calculated based on the current balance of the deposit ( Lot Dynamic Size / Lot Dynamic Balance ).

It is possible to install StopLoss , TakeProfit .

The primary order can be managed using the TrailingStop and TrailingProfit functions that work on closing the bar.


Not a scalper.

Uses partial closure of orders if necessary.

The Multi Pair Mode function blocks the opening of new primary orders if there are orders opened by the advisor on other instruments (with the same Magic ).

Information panel (Dashboard) displays all the information th Working advisor - the balance, drawdown, operating income, number and volume of open orders, the state of the filter, the latter signal a trend.

Current configuration files and test results.

Download here. If you use author's settings, the priority of currency pairs is descending - EURCAD, EURGBP, EURUSD, CADJPY, USDJPY, AUDJPY, EURNZD, EURCHF.


You should use the settings files provided for a deposit of $ 500 to 0.01 lot. You can use the minimum recommended deposit for several pairs at the same time, for this you should turn on the "Multi Pair Mode" parameter in "On" - this will allow you not to load the account.

For optimization, use the "open prices" mode and then check the results in the "all ticks" mode.

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Version 1.161 2020.09.04