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Trend Range detector

Trend/Range Detector is an indicator that allows to determine with accuracy if the future price will range or trend in the following bars.

The Indicator is drawn in a separate window where two lines are displayed : the crossing of the main signal (blue) with a moving average (orange) will determine if each zone is a trending or ranging market.

Parameters :

  • period : the number of bars to look back (default = 20)
  • type : type of the main signal (trend or range) (default = RangeDetector)

Moving average :

  • showMovingAverage : display Moving Average line (default = true)
  • averagePeriod : value for the average period (default = 200)
  • MAMode : mode of the moving average (default = MODE_SMA)

Alerts :

  • MACrossingAlert : triggers an Alert when the moving average crosses the main line (default = true)
  • AudioAlert : triggers an Audio Alert in MT4 (default = true)
  • EmailAlert : triggers an Email Alert (default = true)
  • PushAlert : triggers a Push Alert (default = true)

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Version 1.1 2019.05.16
small error fixed