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Scalpises Assistant

Scalpises Assistant is a complete trading system for scalping on any currency pair. The indicator itself analyzes the market and gives the trader signals to open orders. Also sends signals using email and push notifications.
This indicator displays information in two windows. In the main window, the indicator draws signals in the chart in the form of arrows. In the additional window, the indicator shows the ratio of the number of profitable and loss-making signals, shows the current signal on other timeframes and the total amount of profit / loss from signals.

Algorithm Scalpises Assistant:

This indicator with the help of basic technical indicators, as well as wave analysis of prices, determines the most effective pivot points and the future direction of the trend. The indicator uses a wave amplitude smoothing mechanism. This allows you to filter out unnecessary false noise on the chart.

Advantages of the Scalpises Assistant indicator:

  • The indicator does not redraw its signals.
  • The indicator very accurately determines the moment of price reversal.
  • It works on all currency pairs.

Scalpises Assistant settings:

  1. spread - in this parameter you need to specify the spread level of your broker. In the future, the indicator will take into account the spread in the calculation of profitability.
  2. period - indicator period.
  3. bars - the number of candles on which the indicator will be displayed on the chart. It also affects the calculation of profitability.
  4. Signal - sending email and push notifications.

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BluHorseshoe 2019.06.28 19:17 

Truly a complete scalping System. Gives me a lot of confidence in both entering at promising levels and staying in the trade until TP is reached. The interface supports this with an good overview over the technical situation. Recommended!