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VR Sync Charts MT5 Demo

VR Sync Charts is a program designed as an indicator for the MetaTrader trading terminal. The program solves the problem of synchronization of chart windows by drawing a trend line in one chart window. the program copies and synchronizes the line with another chart in the MetaTrader terminal. Syncing will occur regardless of which period is set in the other chart. In the picture below, you can see how the trader manages the trend line, and the program synchronizes the line in another chart.

The indicator will be a good addition to the analytical complex VR Watch lis and linker

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DEMO version - only works with vertical line.


  • Syncs any graphic objects
  • Synchronizes charts with different timeframes 
  • Suitable for both novice and professional traders
  • There are only a handful of settings that help you to set up selective syncing
  • It works on any financial instruments (Forex, CFD, Crypto, Metalls, Futures)
  • Two versions have been implemented: for MetaTrader 4 and for MetaTrader 5
  • Easy to install and configure, the program is accompanied by text and video instructions

Operation algorithm

The indicator scans the charts for new drawings and drawings of the trader, depending on the settings, the indicator synchronizes the graphic objects.


Install the indicator in all chart windows, so you can change and sync objects from any chart.


  • Exclude Prefix objects (nam;ind;nex...)
  • Color selected window
  • Synchronize color
  • Synchronize style
  • Synchronize widths
  • Synchronize delete objects

Other versions:

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Version 20.91 2020.09.14
Added a button to disable sync
Version 20.90 2020.09.09
Code optimization
Fix bugs
Version 20.83 2020.09.02
Error correction
Added setting for object fill synchronization
Version 20.82 2020.08.28
Optimization of the code for the correct operation of the program together with the VR Watch list and linker
Version 20.81 2020.08.26
Added when editing data through properties, now properties are duplicated for all charts.
Version 20.80 2020.08.24
Significant code optimization.
Added highlighting of the active window.
Version 20.70 2020.07.09
Optimized code indicator, faster operations indicator
Added option to enable / disable the synchronization object removal
Added settings allow you to move the sync button in the chart window
Version 20.60 2020.06.14
Code optimization for new build terminal
Version 20.57 2020.05.27
Code optimization
Error correction
Version 20.53 2020.05.15
In some cases, syncing did not occur when opening a new chart.
The error was fixed.
Version 20.52 2020.05.08
Accidental removal of the objects
Synchronization with different currency pairs
Synchronization objects with levels of type fib

When adding a new window you have to click a few times on the green button in each window where the indicator is set to back up and synchronize the newly added window.
Version 20.51 2020.05.06
Code optimization
Error correction
Version 20.50 2020.05.04
Indicator completely rewritten
Added the ability to synchronize the objects in the indicator subwindow
Added and structured settings