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The expert Advisor trades during a small market volatility, after the end of the us session, tracking the price levels on several indicators.

After that, it opens positions and monitors them until they are closed with a profit or, if possible, with a small loss.

It is possible to use 3 variants of signals to open positions.

Does not use martingale strategy, averaging positions, waiting for loss, etc

Positions can be opened with a fixed TakeProfit or with a virtual one., StopLoss fixed or 0.

There is a function of restoring balance after a drawdown.

It is possible to use a dynamic lot to increase the volume of positions with successful trading.

You can use the trailing stop.



I do not recommend to bet on all pairs at once!, especially if they are correlated with each other.

It is better to put first on one tested and optimized pair with a small risk, or a fixed lot, to get acquainted with the trading process.

Once the trading results are satisfactory, you can add risk and currency pairs.


ECN and Pro accounts should be used.ECN I use https://alpari.com/en/trading/trading_terms/?partner_id=1220575&sub_id=ib_mql001

with five-digit quotes with a moderate size (spread)., not more than 25-30 points.

You should use methods with a smooth Internet connection.


M5 - M15 Depending on the selected signal.



USING - Select whether to trade risk or a fixed lot.

  • RISK - Use risk, % of available funds.
  • LOT - Use a fixed lot.

RISK/LOT - Amount of risk or fixed lot.

RESTORING_THE_BALANCE - Recovery balance after the drawdown.

COEFFICIENT_LOT - lot increase Coefficient after drawdown.


SIGNAL - Select the signal to open positions.

  • NONE - Not trade.
  • 1 - First.
  • 2 - Second.
  • 1+2 - If both signals match.

COUNT_ORDERS_BUY - Number of buy positions opened at the same time.

COUNT_ORDERS_SELL - Number of sell positions opened at the same time.

WHAT_TP_TO_USE - the Choice of which to use TakeProfit.

  • VIRTUAL - Virtual.
  • REAL - Real.

TAKE_PROFIT - Set profit.

STOP_LOSS - Set loss.

LOSING_TRADE - Limiting unprofitable trades, then the trade stops.

CLOSING_TIME - Close positions by time. *

FILTER_SWAP - Filter (swap) .**

  • DISABLED - Disabled.
  • TRIPLE - Triple.
  • FULL - Permanent.

TRADE_ON_MONDAY - Trading on Monday with the opening of the market.

MAX_SPREAD_OPEN - Maximum possible (spread) to open positions.

MAGIC_NUMBER - Magic number of the positions.

SLIPPAGE - price Slippage.

USE_A_SOUND - Sound notification.


ON/OF_TRAWL - Use of trawl.

TRAWL_SIZE - profit Size in points.

STEP_TRAWL - trailing Step in points.

= = = = TRADE_TIME ===

START_TRADING - Time to start the EA.

STOP_TRADING - Time to end the EA.

* If true and the position is not closed by TP for a long time, the expert Advisor decides how to close it. If false, positions are closed only by TakeProfit and StopLoss.

** Triple - a with Wednesday to Thursday did not open the position at which the negative (swap).

Constant - does not open a position if negative (swap).

Applies only if the trading start time is set before 00:00

DarkSpectrum 2019.07.17 14:08 

Filibuster is an anomaly on the MQL5 market place, this EA is amazing! Filibuster is an Asian session trader which has the ability to trade a wide range of minor currency pairs. I’m always on the lookout for EAs that offer long term profitable strategies with the ability to control drawdown within a 2-5% max range and Filibuster delivers just that. By using a conservative risk setting Filibuster allows me to trade a range of currencies with minimal drawdown and achieves steady returns and I don’t have to worry about excessive losses.

I refuse to use any EA that requires risky trading practices like martingale, grids, averaging, recovery or arbitrage. Filibuster includes an option to recover losses through an increased lot size for the next trade, if the user wants to do that, but I’ve found that it isn’t necessary because any losses are quickly recovered by a stream of accurate trades and the losses are very small unlike a lot of other products with poor risk/reward ratios where profits are wiped out with a big loss. That is not the case with Filibuster so I don't use/need the recovery feature.

I've run extensive backtests across a range of minor currencies back to 2010 using Tick Data Suite and the strategy is definitely long term with no optimisation required. Any EA that requires ongoing regular optimisation is not a solid strategy in my opinion. A solid strategy should stand up in any market condition and so far Filibuster has done that. I also like that Filibuster trades a range of minor currency pairs because it allows me to diversify my portfolio outside of the major currencies. You’ll just need to be mindful of your broker’s Asian session spreads and set limits that enable profitable trading conditions.

Filibuster offers the option of either virtual or visible SL and TP so you can decide if you’d prefer to hide your targets from the broker or use visible targets to protect your account if something goes wrong on your VPS. I’ve decided to use virtual stops because my VPS is very stable.

Overall I’m very happy with this purchase and count myself lucky to have found such a quality product which is not an easy thing to do on MQL5 market. Thank you Anatoliy, keep up the great work!